Hi ladies,

Am wondering about implantation. I'm on CD19 and last night and today have been bleeding ever so slightly. More than spotting, but nothing like AF. At first it was in CM, but its now blood.

This is only our first month of TTC, but so far have settled into a 28 day cycle since I came off the pill in December.

Is it too early for implantation?

Have also had tingly boobs, felt slightly sick on Sunday, and had period like cramps yesterday afternoon.

I know there's not point testing just yet, but do you think the signs are hopeful?:\?


  • Can anyone help? I'm driving myself daft wondering! x
  • It could well be implantation, assuming you ov'd at 13-14 days...ooh, exciting!

    The other symptoms you've had are also looking good, but you're right thats its too early to test. Try and hold out as long as possible; to the day af is due if you can (I know its hard!) as the longer you leave it the more chance you will see that BFP.

    Fingers are tightly crossed xx
  • Thank you, will keep everything crossed!

    I didn't think I'd be lucky enough to fall first month of ttc....will just have to be patient for now and try and not get too stressed.

    My mum fell pg very quickly with me and my brother, and don't they say you follow your mother's patterns sometimes?!
  • i think it sounds promising!!! good luck xxxx
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