Excersise Help

Hi, I am new to this site, and am looking for some advice. (I have been registered for a while, but have only started to ttc this month). Anyway, I feel I need to tone up a little, and I wanted to know the best excercise that is safe when ttc. I guess swimming looks really good, but I really can't find time to do it. I have just bought a bike, will that be too strenous if I were to get pregnant soon?

Thanks ladies



  • cycling is ok when pg (as long as you aren't planning on any downhill racing or mountain bike trials!!!) so should be whilst ttc. Pilates is great (not that i manage to make myself go!!) as you can do it when ttc and really helps with pelvic muscles too which might come in handy after you've pushed out a baby!! Think yoag is similar.
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