FAO *me* & MrsPinkPlayboy

Hi girls, I just wanted to check in with you both and see how you're getting on?! Sending you lots of Babydust xxxx


  • Hey Becky,

    Hows everything going with you? I try to pop into DID every now and then to see, How far are you?.
    Im not doing too bad, I thought I might of had a v v v faint line yesterday on a FR but it might be my eyes not sure, so going to wait few weeks.

  • Ooo MPP exciting! My fingers are firmly crossed for you, would love you both to join me! How many dpo are you?! Have you had any symtons?

    I'm doing OK thanks, constantly worried something will go wrong but I guess that goes with the whole TTC thing anyway. I had some brown discharge which ordinarilly is nothing to worry about but I had PID years ago which carries a high risk of ectopic so we were lucky enough to get an early scan an saw a heartbeat! I thought I was 6 now but they put me back to 5! Not sure how that works to be honest. No sign of morning sickness either!!!!

    Are you going to test again soon? I'm excited for you xxx
  • hi hun, im great ta! hope ur feelng ok, glad u heard a heartbeat! and that ur a bit more relaxed about it all, really hope we get our BFPs soon MPP! still having random AFs around every 12 days, but im hoing this cycle will be noraml *fingers crossed*

    so whats your EDD now bekcywoo? you must have a constant smile on ur face!xxxxx
  • Aw im glad everything is ok, Im sure you will be fine and it must be so relieving seeing that heartbeat!
    ooohh youve managed to get away from the morning sickness, I hope it doesnt find you later in the pregnancy.
    Havent a clue what PID is btw. :lol:

    Not completely sure when i OV'd but i have a funny feeling it was early as i was tracking CM and i think it may have happened around CD7 or CD8 as my last cycle was shorter at 24 days (I thought it was 25 days but i counted it wrong coz i had some spotting) so think i may have ovulated early.Not sure what dpo, I think i'd be about 10/11 dpo, ive had sore boobs on the sides and yesterday i noticed (i made a new topic about this) a milky discharge that was coming out of both nipples (tmi) and because of that i used a FR and i swear i could see a faint line but it could just be my eyes so just holding out till AF arrives (no idea when) Also had frequent toilet trips, Id go to the toilet then straight away id need it again, sort of like cystitis and a few times ive tasted blood in my mouth and not found anything. Apart from that nothing. Noticed i havent really suffered from as many cramps as i usually have every month during the cycle. :\?

    Hiya *me* That really does sound nasty, bleeding every 12 days, how long have you been like that? I would get so frustrated, do you find it hard TTC?

  • haiy MPP, ur sympto,s sound good hun! fingers crossed for u! yeah really struggling ttc, coz i bleed for week, then come off for a week, then i bleed for another week, lol, its been going on for 2 and a 1/2 months now, i phoned nhs direct and they said some people have very irregular periods after coming off the pill so within 6 months of coming off it should calm down. (ive been off the pill since jan 28th). so im hoping she sorts herself out soon! dont actually think im OVing. but ive heard that happens quite alot? so just BDing when we can really, but hey ho. i expected my body to take a while to get back to normal i suppose.

    so when r u testing MPP? CD24? xxxx
  • Hiya, Im on month 10 of being off the pill and my cycles are seriously haywire. I thought it was sorting itself out as last year in nov i had a 43 day cycle and then in dec it was 34, so i assumed it was getting regular. I must of been stressed or something coz it shot up to a 80 day cycle afterwards and the recent 1 I just had was a 24 day cycle, So i havent a clue how this one is going to be.
    My doctor said I could have an investigation and maybe take clomid but I said Id like to give my body at least 12 months to sort it self out and then Illl see, I suppose its only been 6 months for you, I would definately give it at least a year to sort it self out.
    I suppose Bd'ing any time is all you can do, I know Id do the same, You never know you might get lucky!

    Not sure when to test, at the mo im on CD18, I know its CD24 on sunday so Ill hold out till the weekend, fingers crossed.

    *Baby Dust to you*

  • gosh! so its taken a while for u aswell MPP!? i will def not be going back on the pill after we get PG and have a babe. its scary what that thing does to your body! ooo good luck for testing then, hope it works out for you!

    BTW i just got lots of EWCM! wooo so im pretty sure im gonna OV soon! woooooo, better get BDing, im so excited coz if this os OV then that means full cycles.... which means babies! yay xxxxxxxxx

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  • Well not sure when to say how long weve been trying properly coz didnt start using OV sticks till first month after my 80 day cycle, so its my 2nd month really properly.
    Make the most of that EWCM! Good luck!

    Hopefully your new rude veg will give you abit of luck this month!

  • My new EDD is 11th of Dec but not conviced on that 1 to be honest! Think it'll be earlier as I was getting really good lines at 1 week pg if not! It's all a bit of guess work I think this early on. Will know more at the 12 week scan. It's wierd actually as it's hard to walk round with a smile on your face because you can't tell anyone it almost doesn't feel real! Hard to explain but you'll find out soon enough. I catch myself getting a little excited every now and then!!! Just no there's a long way to go yet.

    Have either of you thought about acupunture?!?! I swear that's what helped me. I had slightly irregular cycles before and it sorted them right out. It was actually a Chinese Herbalist I saw as well and it's all about having better quality periods and therefore improving your fertility. If you're open to that sort of thing I'd thoroughly recommend it

    Yay for the EWCM *me*, get down to some BDing!!! xxxx
  • thanks, yeah thats why i changed it! didnt have much luck with the last one, so thought i would see if it makes a difference lol xxx
  • hahah beckywoo we must of posted at the same time! lol good luck with the sacn! im guessing your waiting til 12 weeks to tell? i think i will too image acupuncture? is that in your back? i will look it up, see if they do it in my area? thanks image xxxxx
  • Yeah we're just telling parents now and everyone else after the 12 week scan, just feels too early to shout it out just yet!!!

    Acupuncture can be all over, it's tiny needles placed on your body but it doesn't hurt. I definitely think it might help to regulate periods!!!

    Your symptons sound promising though MPP!!!!! When you testing *me*? xxx
  • Ill have a look into acupuncture. What sort of prices do i expect? Im ok with needles so i should be fine. Does anyone know how and why it can regulate AF's? Sounds strange.

  • Hi MPP, I can't remember exactly how much I paid. I got 10 sessions for the price of 7 and haven't actually used them all! I think it worked out to be about ??30 a session but I would thoroughly recommend it.

    Have you read Baby Making Bible? The lady I went to see was an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist and I found it really complimented the book. The Chinese basically believe that the better quality your periods are the more fertile you are. I had terribly painful periods with clots and had a very short cycle and within 1 cycle she'd sorted it out! I no longer had clots or any pains at all and I went up to a standard 27 days. I was also taking herbs perscribed by her. I think the acupunture works by getting the "chi" flowing through your body and getting your body working to it's full potential. I found it really relaxing if nothing else. We started a thread on it over in YAYW and we had an immediate success over there too! I looked into it orginally because I know someone who's going through IVF and they recommended acupuncture to them so they must think there's somehtng in it xxxx
  • hiya im testing on april 27th image that acupuncture sounds really good! xxxx
  • i have just emailed this lady...


    do u think she looks ok/genuine? xxxxxx
  • Ill pop over to YAYW at some point and have a look!

    Sorry if its abit too much info but just noticed I have a hell of alot of slot like CM, its mostly white with just a slight tint of yellow, Im on CD19, so fingers crossed! Still waiting till the weekend. hehe

  • ooooooooo defo sounds good MPP ooo im excited for you`! good luck hun! do u still have sore (.)(.)
  • Only a little and on the sidea. I feel it for abit a minute then it goes.

  • ok cool, fingers crossed xxxxx
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