Faint Test Line - Advice Please!

Hi Ladies! I need some advice from you reliable lovelies!
This is our first month of TTC and I am still trying to work out my cycles since coming off the pill, but working on the "average" woman, I think I am 16dpo (CD30). I did a test this morning, and there's a very faint 2nd line. I compared it to a test I did last week, which was a BFN, and I can definately make out a very faint 2nd line on this morning's test (last week's test hasn't changed and doesn't have any hint of an evap line).
My question is, has anyone who has had a positive result, had only a faint line at 16dpo?
Please don't congratulate me, as I don't want to get my hopes up, as it seems to good to be true, and I will only feel an idiot when AF comes and bites me on the bum!


  • Hi,

    I'm no expert but people on her say a lines a line. I tested 18doo n got a strong line so maybe give it a few days n see. I still don't believe the line is true with me so jus taking it easy. It's all very scary. Fingers crossed.x
  • hi hun, Jules is right a line is a line and some times you get a shy bean and so it dosent show up bold as brass for a little bit longer, what test did you use? might be worth trying somthing a bit stronger say first response or Clear Blue if you can wait till tomorrow.

    good luck xxxxx
  • Thanks for the replies. I did use a FR test, as they are so recommended on this site. Think I will just wait a couple of days, and test again.
    I know it sounds silly but I just want to know for definate! I am going out for NYE with about 15 friends, and OH is away so I won't have anyone there to cover up the fact that I am not drinking. It is going to be so hard to hide, and I don't want to tell anyone in case it is a dodgy test or my mind (and eyes!) playing tricks on me.
    To be honest, as much as I would love to have a BFP, I wouldn't be too disheartened if AF arrives as it would be nice to just know that my body is working properly.
    Thanks for letting me ramble ladies. It is so good to have somewhere to waffle on, OH just doesn't really get it! x x

  • Hey, sometimes you ovulate later then u think. and you've only just come off the pill which means you cant tell where your cycle is... and yes a line is a line, a pregnancy test cant lie! xx
  • I agree with the others...a line is a line image
    ...and you might be less dpo than you think so test again in a couple of days.
    as for the drinking: just say you have been unwell and are on antibiotics. this lil white lie has already helped a couple of ladies on here
  • Oooh, antibiotics!! I forgot about that one! My brain's rubbish with all this TTC business. Antibiotics is a good one, cos I did tell a friend that I was feeling pretty rubbish a couple of days ago, so that would wash.
    Thanks!! I will keep you all posted.
  • I agree with the other ladies, a line is a line! I have been in that situation as well, got a very very faint line at 13dpo, then again at 15dpo so my advice...use a digital clear blue!! When it pops up "pregnant" there's no squinting to see if it's there or not! Keep us posted (as you wish, I won't say the "c" word just yet image ) xx
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