Another CBFM question...sorry!


Really sorry to keep asking questions, just wanna make sure i get it right!

Am on CD11 and just had my 2nd high this moning, accompnied by light pink EWCM so very pleased. However, what do i count as my OV day - is it the first or second peak generally? Just want to know for counting my DPO when it happens and knowing when to test in a couple of weeks.

Any help appreciated! Thanks!


  • Hi hun. I usually count my second peak as ov day so the day after i count as 1DPO. Hope that helps. xx
  • Hi,

    I am different to Katie10, i count OV as my first peak because on a CBFM you will always get a second peak day. I didn't POAS as i forgot and i still got a second peak. It is just the way the monitor works. I suppose it is up to you really. I got my peak on CD17 and i am now on CD20 so i just class myself as 3dpo or if you wanna count the second peak i would be 2/3DPO x
  • it is best to take the high after the second peak as 1DPO so OV on the second peak then you are unlikely to test early! i charted whilst using my monitor and my temps always showed OV on the second peak x
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