Hello piggypops!

Hi hun, how are you? :\)
Just thought id catch up on how everything is going for you this month! :\)
Im on cd13 but havent ov yet, im going to poas today as my temp has dropped so im probably coming up to ov (fingers crossed) lol. although ive been feeling a little under the weather since AF, dont know whats wrong with me!! :\?
So whats happening with you?? xxx


  • hello there 'waves' image

    i am CD15 and still getting highs, CP is starting to go up so hopefully i should get my peak in a few days time, LO started to crawl at the weekend so i am busy growing eyes in the back of my head :lol:

    i really wanted to temp but i am still be woken occasionally so i dont think its worth it x

  • Sorry to gatecrash but just wanted to say "hi" to you Debbie. I keep trying to catch u on here but never seem to be on when ur on!so much to tell u
    Claire xxx
  • OMG Claire where have you been??
    I keep emailing you by hitting the email button under your reply but still havent heard from you!!
    Please email me im dying to hear all your news!! xxx
    Hi piggypops, aww bless shes started to crawl!!
    LOL. i know what you mean about needing eyes in the back of your head!!
    I would be completely lost if i didnt temp!! lol.
    Hopefully you will get your peaks very soon! xxx
  • i got an almost + OPK this evening so i think the peak might be very soon!
  • Oooh good luck piggypops!!
    I dont think im gonna ov for a few more days yet!
    Im on cd14, i ov last mth on cd14, maybe a few days later this mth! I dont mind as long as it doesnt go back to 20+ days again!! lol.xxx
  • i got me peak today yay, the earliest i have ever OVed!!! CD17!!
  • Ello lovelies, sorry to GC but just wanted to wander through and especially say hi to debbie as I never seem to catch you online like I did before my BFP hee hee x
  • hello emsypops

    hope you and bump are doing well, hoping we wont be too far behind you!
  • Hello, emsypops, how are you and the little bean?? xxx
    I seem to miss everyone these days, maybe i should come on here more often!! lol.
    YAY, i knew you would get your peak today!
    I know what you will be doing tonite!! lmao. xxxx
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