Do any of you watch Big Brother?

I'm so addicted! I'm so glad Shabby walked and was kinda hoping caoime (sp) went too. Can't bear her!

Anyone else addicted? OH's away for the week now so it's going to consume my evenings :lol:



  • Im usually addicted but this series I havent really watched it at all, I just cant seem to get into it?
  • ahhhh i used to love BB, but the last 2 series i just couldnt get into? i dunno why, its kinda sad actually coz i was totally addicted! and was my fave programe ever! i dunno what happened image i lost my bb mojo i think. image
  • This is probably the 1st year I have watched BB from the very beginning - I find you need to watch the 1st couple of 'episodes' then you will be an addict (as am i!) although due to a busy night last night i missed it - i know Shabby walked but i would've loved to have seen it! the pair of them (keeva - cant spell her name!) were a pair of stuck up cows - good on Ife for telling them so! ps, i wish JJ and Josie would get it on!

    Hayley x
  • Oh that Shabby was just horrible - her temper tantrums were awful get a grip and act like a adult oh and get a job you scrounging squater!!!!

    Lol oh that was a little bit of a rant there lol

    I like Josie she's a laugh and John James when he's not it one of his bitchy moods loved when he had a wee cry
  • I watch it image I do it every year hee hee hubby hates it though!!!

    I couldn't stand Shabby and to be honest Ben is the only one I really like this year, he is such a toff it is hilarious!!! x
  • Yeah i love Ben too, he's so funny!

    Shabby was such a tit! Like a spoilt teenager throwing her silly tantrums. And Keeva (i know thats not how you spell it lol) she's just totally fake! Just followed Shabby everywhere, got involved in the same arguments!

    It was so good last night Hayulz! Keeva was saying all the way through she was gonna leave and then when Shabby went she decided she would stay and "do it for Shabby!"

    Nathan and John James are up for eviction, keeva won the task and put Nathan up!

  • Sorry hun, that is one show I could never watch either in th UK or N. America - hours of my life I'll never get back!!! :roll:

    I love reality TV just not that show...

    Happy watching!
  • I do I do! AM TOTALLY ADDICTED! Love Ben and Josie. Zxx
  • i do too, im addicted as well. come on josie and john james get it on, theres definitely chemistry there lol xx
  • Everyone quite likes Josie but i'm not sure?! She's funny at times but for some reason i don't like her! I would love for them to stick a new girl in! I think it's time for some new ones image

    Can't beleive it's Nathan and JJ up, didn't really wanna see either of those go! Keeva needs to bog off, hate her!

  • I used to HATE big brother and thought it was a load of rubbish, boycotted it every year since it started getting ridiculous (Maybe BB4...?) However, I'm watching this years, on & off.

    I actually liked Shabby, OK her temper was VILE, I probably would not have liked her in real life but she made good TV, and y'know what, she had model looks, under all the eyeliner and mens clothes! I actually thought she looked great.

    And at least Shabby actually walked out!!! Caoimhe talks absolute crap, saying she wants to leave then bottling it...I really dislike her, she seems very two-faced. Really want her out! And Dave too...he's a big waste of space!!!

    When Ben made that joke about how John James would be the only person left on BB and would be arguing with himself....that was too funny!!! John James is reeeeally irritating but it's a shame he's up, he's not all that bad.

    I like Josie ..... she tells it like it is xx
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