AF Pains - 4 ish dpo

Hi Girls

I just wondered if anyone else had suffered this. I don't usually get anything until the day before or on the day. Could this mean my AF is coming over a week early?

THank you

V xxx


  • hi there, i get early af;\) pains but never quite that early, maybe 2-3 days max?it might be your little bean settling down in there i hope xxx
  • Hi could be the start of implantation hun, good luck and hope af stays away for you xx
  • ah thanks Deb, I hope so.

    I don't know if I'm just noticing things more with trying or if its new lol, I think I realise most of the stuff happening has always happened I just haven't noticed - he he he.

    V xxx
  • i get v bad back pain during and before af so my automatic reaction to back ache is to think its my period, then i realise its nowhere near!!hopefully it sounds promising for you though, into the wait we go!xx debs xx
  • I don't think I really suffer much really which is probably worse because I have nothing to look for - he he. I hate the wait though, I'm so impatient. Where are you at? are you on the 2ww too?

    Good luck xx
  • Hi SD

    I hope it is, that would be nice. Don't feel very lucky this month though if that makes sense.

    Hope your results are what you want petal and you have got that sticky bean. Everything is still crossed for you.

    V xxx
  • im kind of in my 2ww, had af jan 14th, and i bought some ov tests although only got 2 negatives, even though the one day i had a raised temp and sticky stuff (tmi sorry) which is a good sign of ov!never had chance to do more ov tests this month, but have just celebrated 6yr anniversary with hubby(since we met)so plenty of bd'ing might have given us a chance i hope, as im a bit sad and have just chosen my travel system haha, only cos its yellow and black like a bumble bee lol xxxx
  • I think we're pretty much the same. I never got a positive really on ov's i got a line a couple of days but nothing particularly strong. Just kind of went on CM (sorry) Only thing is we haven't done much Bd'ing with hubby being poorly.

    I don't think you're sad, I love bumble bee things and lady birds - don't know why - he he.

    Where abouts are you? I'm in the North East.

    V xxx
  • Oooh well have lots of ladybird things near you as they're good luck!!!

    I keep wondering if this is the first time i feel something or just the first time ive noticed!!

    x x x
  • hi again!im in the west mids chick, not sure about those ov tests, sometimes think that its best to ss too as maybe they are not always right??xxx
  • Ohh i didn't realise lady birds were good luck, I have little ladybird things all over. I'm glad it's not just me second guessing things. Fingers crossed eh?

    Deb, my dad is from west mids, small world eh? No, I'm not sure about them either, don't think I'll use them until I've been trying a little longer.

    Good luck xxx
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