3 days of positive OPK - is this normal?!

just wanted to know if anyone else has ever had this and whether its normal? had 3 strong positives for 3 days in a row and wondered why? surely if i have OV - then it should drop off be become negative?

any help appreciated! xx


  • HI!,

    I just posted the same question yesterday, I am now day 4 of positive OPK's...

    Haven't a clue either would love to hear from anyone who might? xx
  • I'm not 100% sure but I think you can have up to 6 days of positives depending on how quickly you OV. some peoples bodies start building up hormones to OV but don't actually release an egg for a couple of days hence the hormones stay high x
  • u dont have PCOS do u? i had really long cycles so bought 100 OPK's off ebay, used them 4 abaout a week then got a positive so BD like mad n every day they were positive 4 about a month!!

    consulted my zita west book n she says in there that PCOS sufferers produce hight levels of the LH so OPK's will be positive even when not OV!!

    hope this helps n doesnt just confuse u more lol

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