Hello, have decided to join for some moral support!

Hello all
I have been 'lurking' for a while on this site now and have already gots lots of invaluable advice from you all so thought it was time I said 'hello'!
I am lucky enough to have 2 lovely girls but am now ttc baby number 3. We were very fortunate both times and conceived fairly easily and I guess I naively thought that it would be the same the third time around. I came off the pill 8 months ago and have only had 2 AF's since then - I thought the last one was never going to arrive! I think i have only ov'd once in that time as well. Am starting to worry that time is running out - if it doesn't happen this cycle it might be another 8 months before we can try again - aaahhh! Am currently on countdown to ov'n (sorry, not sure of all abbreviations yet!). Have bought the CBD 7 stick test for this month but could very well end up using 3 packs as with such irregular cycles, I have no idea when to start testing. Anyway, fingers crossed - I plan to start b'ding tomorrow night -(10 days post AF) and then testing on day 15. I hope at least I get a smiley face so we know we are on the right track. (By the way, CB ov sticks helped me conceive my first 2 so they are def worth trying - I ovulate much later in the month than I thought so I don't think I would have ever got the right days without them!):\)


  • hi. welcome to the site. we are starting to ttc this month. really hope you get your bfp soon.xx
  • Hi and welcome. Good luck with tcc. I'm sure you'll get the support you're after on here.xx
  • Hello and welcome! If I can find the abbreviations for you I will bump them if not I am sure someone well. Happy bd'ing!
  • Hi welcome to the site. xx
  • Here are some abbreviations!

    AF ~ Aunt Flo (menstrual period)
    BFN ~ big fat negative (on a pregnancy test)
    BFP ~ big fat positive (on a pregnancy test)
    BTDT ~ been there, done that
    CD ~ cycle day (of your menstrual period)
    CM ~ cervical mucus
    DPO ~ days past ovulation
    EDD ~ estimated date of delivery or pregnancy due date
    EP ~ ectopic pregnancy
    EPT ~ early pregnancy test
    EWCM ~ egg white cervical mucus
    FET ~ frozen embryo transfer
    GL ~ good luck
    HPT ~ home pregnancy test
    HTH ~ hope that helps
    IUI ~ intrauterine insemination
    IVF ~ in vitro fertilization
    MC/MMC ~ miscarriage
    OV ~ ovulate
    OMG ~ oh my goodness
    OPK ~ ovulation predictor kit
    PG ~ pregnant
    TTC ~ trying to conceive
    DD ~ dear daughter
    DS ~dear son
    DH ~ dear husband
    OH ~ other half
    LO ~ little one
    TBH ~ to be honest
    HV ~ health visitor
    MW ~ midwife
    LOL ~ laugh out loud
    TMI ~ too much information
    POAS ~ pee on a stick
    BAC ~ by any chance
    BD ~ baby dance (sex)
    BF ~ breastfeeding
    MIL ~ mother inlaw
    FIL ~ father inlaw
    BTW ~ by the way
    HTH ~ hope this helps
    LO ~ littleone
    TC ~ take care
    TY ~ thank you
    WB ~ welcome back
    1WW/2WW ~ between ovulation on AF
    PCOS ~ Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    PCO ~ Polycystic Ovaries
    LH ~ Luteinizing Hormone
    UPSI ~ unprotected sexual intercourse
    DI ~ Donor insemination
    PMSL ~ pissing myself laughing
    TBH ~ To be honest
    FFS ~ for f**** sake
    BBT ~ Basal body temperature (a temperature reading used determine a woman's fertile period)
    PUPO ~ pregnant until proven otherwise
    R+R ~ read and run
    VE ~ vaginal examination
    AC ~ Abdominal circumference -- a measurement of the mother's belly in cross section, and an indicator of fetal weight/growth
    BH ~ Braxton Hicks (as in Braxton Hicks contractions)
    Amnio ~ Amniocentesis
    GBS ~ Group B streptococcus
    GD ~ Gestational diabetes
    GTT ~ Glucose tolerance test
    VBAC ~ Vaginal birth after Cesarean
    PUPO ~ Pregnant until proven otherwise
    ADN ~ Any Day Now
    AI ~ Artificial Insemination
    BP ~ Blood pressure or birth plan
    US ~ ultrasound
  • Welcome by the way!! xx
  • Hi & welcome to the site. Good luck ttc.
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