Just a few words

Goodness - i was on here a wee while ago now and for quite along time - i class myself as being so lucky to have Toby - but the road was pretty traumatic so a few words for you lovely ladies

I lurk on this forum - secretly i would love to be back here but i know there is no way that i will be as to get Toby was so difficult and i def couldnt put my family, my wonderful husband and Toby through that again.

Anyway - what i wanted to say is please ladies try not to test before your af is due - i have tears in my eyes from a more recent post and hope it turns into a much wanted sticky bfp - i spent about ??40 a month on little white sticks for a good few years so i know how difficult it is not to poas - i bought spells from ebay - did handstands etc etc etc .

I know this post wont mae any diference but just wanted to ask you all to please try and wait - try and avoid even more heartache than a bfn

ok said my piece - much love to you all x


  • Hi, that's such a lovely message and it does have weight behind it, I for one will not test early nor will I pressure the OH to BD - thank you for posting. Sorry to hear you had a difficult time ttc with Toby, xxx
  • hello hunny xx hows the wee man?

    that is a great piece of advice and a mega reason why i dont test early xx
  • thanks a lot for the advice, i think that we all try not to test early but find it hard to resist. image

    I hope nature takes it course and u end up with a suprise image
  • very wise words, been alot of sadness recently image

  • Riham - "whispers" so do i shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • Thanks for the advice hun, it is heartbreaking to see BFN when early test and then go on to have a chem pregnancy.

    I will try and take on your advice but its like Riham said sometimes the urge to resist is just too strong especially when all the symptoms are there image

    Good luck ttc xx
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