when doi need to stop trying?

hi everyone...

i have a bit of a confusing one for you...well its confusing for me!

i am bridesmaid for my best friend in august next year...i dont mind being eg at her wedding, and she is fine wth that too...but obv i dont wnt to be due around the time of her wedding, and i would rather not have given birth a month earlier either!!

so i thought we could try for a while and stop for a while once it gets to the time where id be due at her wedding....and then start trying again nearer the time so i would only be up to 4mths preg at the wedding.

can anyone help me with timings? as in when should we try up until, and then when should we start up again...

im rubbish with stuff like this.


  • Well I guess this is not an exact science as anything could happen & I'm not sure what dates you OV or when her wedding is but if you want to give birth before August then you would need to fall pregnant October/November but if not start again in March/April...

    Hope this helps, but as I said before, it all really depends on dates of your cycle & her wedding date...Good luck xx
  • hey hun,
    im in a similar situation to u, im bridesmaid for my bro in sept, so we are having a break from nov - feb as i dont wanna be due around their wedding.

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