When to test?xxx


How soon do you all think a test would show a positive? I am currently week 3 off my pill ( was preg by this time with DD1). I remember feeling different 2 weeks after coming off pill last time and did a test and it was negative, but 2 weeks after that i got my BFP ;\)
Do you think it would show now if i did one?
I am feeling a little bit different, but it may just be all in my mind. I remember my boobs being really sore and needing to pee alot but ive not had that yet lol! Maybe next week?

But ive had period kinda pains really low down the past few days and LOADS of CM (Sorry tmi lol)



  • If you have an average cycle of 28 days then you should wait another week if not the earliest would be in about 3 days.
    I am not one to give advice as I test about 9DPO but you should wait if you can incase you have a chemical pregnancy.

    Good luck whatever you decided xxx
  • Thank u!
    I will resist until next week lol! Im just too excited lol x
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