A girl?

Just done that gender predictor thngie on the home page and if I have been lucky this month its predicting a girl!

Hopefully next tue I will get a bfp, and then in March I will see if it was right! :lol: x



  • How does it decide that then?
  • not sure, you enter your age and month you conceived and it gives you a prediction. x


  • Not terribly scientific, but suppose it's got a 50/50 chance of being right. They say that if you bd a day or two before you ov and then not again for the rest of the month it's more likely to be a girl, and if you bd on the day you ov, it's more likely to be a boy. Somethig about girl sperm living longer but being slower.
  • I did that predictor thingy as well, and guess what???? It said mine will be a girl too...BB4, how great would that be....we both get our BFPs next Tuesday, baby due around the same time and both being girls...image
  • OMG that would be great!! Imagine that, parallel pg's on opposite sides of the globe! We could compare notes on everything and see what the differences are between maternity care in the UK and in Oz!

    Oooh really REALLY hope its bfp's for us next Tue! xxx


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