Still stuckinlimbo :roll: Update am still gettin faint lines


I havent been posting since I had my water infection but guess what am still getting BFP symptoms but am so so so scared to poas its unbelievable how scared I am. I cant bring myself to test at all and or even go into a shop to buy them.

Quick recap basically been off the pill since end of Jun, af was 35 days up until Nov cycle when we started trying for a baby then they went irregular image and since nov they have been 40-45 days long (feb and mar were 45 days) :roll: So anyway I have been going back and forth to the docs since Feb as my af was 11 days late was convinced i was preg had all the symptoms even got faint lines on FR and SD tests this has happened every month I have tested but the lines have never got strong enough to announce a BFP and I am yet to see those longed after words PREG on a CBD :cry:

I went to the docs last week because I knew I had a water infection and she gave me antibiotics and done a preg test there and then but she never waited for it to develop or anything and it was late afternoon urine but anyway it was negative.

I ended up ringing the docs last week before I developed a urine infection and had a good crack with the doc over the phone, basically she said I shoudnt have been left in limbo since feb for investigations into my af's as basically I have yet to have a proper bleed they have been so light I havent needed to use a tampon at all and they have been coming and going so I have a docs appt next THUR to discuss whether or not they will investigate further.

My stomach is so swollen i need to get a pic on here for you to believe it now it could be flab but surely not all of it, all I have put on is 3 pound since my wedding last year so surely I wouldnt have so much weight just around my belly, weight is falling off me everywhere else I have no ass left :lol:

Anyway today and this week since getting a BFN at the docs am still experiencing all the symptoms extremely exhausted, sore boobs, sticky out nipples, creamy cm and its gone back to being a yellowy bright colour so not white like normal discharge, extremely achy back I feel like an old woman!!, headaches, af feeling so I decided to do an OPK just incase I was ovulating early and got a negative that was on tues afternoon and havent done one since.

Basically if this month is going to be a 45 day cycle am only CD22 and so I wouldnt be due to ov yet until next week.

It is all very strange what is happening and yes it could be coming off the pill but why all of a sudden the bloatedness, cramping, achy back have not had any of these symptoms the last 9-10 months coming off the pill.

Anyway sorry to drone on, am full of PMA again but hate the not knowing what is going on!!

I am enjoying reading Fertility and Conception image

Congrats to all the BFP's and Helloooooo to any newbies :lol:


NEW UPDATE LAST PAGE OMFG!! when will i get a certain BFP...........image
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  • I don't know what to say?! Can they give you a blood test? Xxx
  • Hi hun, pleased to read that you're full of PMA.

    What is fertility and conception hun?

  • Hi BP

    I had a blood test back in Feb so I know this could only be a BFP from my last cycle where I spotted light pink for 3 days and then had a slightly heavier bleed but it only lasted 2 hours and before that was getting brownish discharge and even now 2 weeks after that bleed am getting all the symptoms of af/bfp its so confusing hun.

    I am still getting weird cramps, excessive wind from both ends (sorry) and I mean I never ever burp but am burping all the time and they are loud and distgusting!!

    Anyway will see what the doc says next thur as am going for a follow up appointment from the negative blood test as to me it is so weird.

    I could move on if I get af or stopped having all this cm etc but its the not knowing that hurts the most and If by some miracle I have a shy shy bean well I want to protect it and know about it.

  • Hi MrsH

    Its a book hun by Zita West its really good

  • Can they not do a wee scan just to see what's happening inside? Might confirm something one way or other as I'm sure all this stress can hardly be helping your body either way. Poor you- it sucks not being able to control your body!
  • SD I would ask for an up to date blood test when you go in again and also an internal ultrasound so they can determine if anything is up. I would also ask if they think you are producing enough hormones for your uterus to line fully each month and maintain a pg as if the uterus doesn't have enough for implanting this could be why you get these faint bfp's followed by small bleeds.

    Hun I'm so sorry your in limbo. Really press them into doing something for you and don't take no for an answer! You'll be coming up on a year after coming off the pill soon. Mind you I had my IUD out for over a year (14mnths I think) before I got pg the first time, albeit we weren't trying hard.

    I hope you get some answers soon.
  • Hiya SD
    Sorry ur still feeling like this. I think you're just gonna have to sit in the drs office till they refer you. Im sure there was someone in pg ages ago that didnt get a BFp until like 7 weeks into pg as she had low hcg.

  • Hi, I don't have any advice but just wanted to send you hugs and hope you get the answers you need. The only thing I will say is I doubt very much it is the pill, My dr told me that the pill gets out of the system pretty quickly and after a month or two, whatever is happening is 'normal' for you so I doubt those symptoms are anything to do with pill. I agree with what others have said and think you should request a blood test and a scan. Your dr sounds very understanding so hopefully they will do this for you. I know in my area that after referral there is only a waiting list of about 3 weeks for a scan so hopefully you won't be in limbo for too much longer
  • I think you should be really brave and poas again hon. If it comes up BFN again then at least you know you have the docs next thurs and the investigations they've promised (and I agree with the others that you should demand a scan & bloods again).

    I can't believe your body is still messing you around like this - or that the docs have been so loathe to do anything about it. Fingers are crossed that its a super shy sticky bean and they can confirm it for you soon.

    Sending you hugs hugs from me & lo xx
  • 2 things - change your doc and second - poas!
    Horrible that your body hasn't got back to 'normal' yet, you need to press for more tests - at least then IF there is a problem it can be acted on.
    Big hugs xxx
  • OMG im ss to hear your having problems SD.
    Surely if your still getting these faint lines youve got to be pregnant. You got a picture of your recent test? Have your lines got darker? I agree with wild thing. Changing my dr was the only way i could push forward and get my blood test and scan.

  • Update just tested with a FR with afternoon wee and v.v faint line again same as last time am so f*** sick of all this now!!

    Hubby said the tests are designed to make you see lines I said no they arent they are there and its where it should be, I said and I quote I have peed on enough sticks now to know what am doing ha ha and he just said oh well I cant see anything.

    Its the same as last month etc he never sees the lines so am not surprised really.

    So with these low hcg levels is it possible I am pregnant and the baby is fine but its not detecting or am i likely to have a miscarriage.

    Doctor said to me on phone last week when I explained I had been getting faint lines, she said there is every possibility i could be pregnant and its just not showing up in my urine.

    I hate having to go back and forth to the docs but honestly what is happening/has happened last few months well it just cant be normal and doesnt sound normal.

    Also this morning when I woke up I thought I had weed myself and looked down and white stuff dripping down my leg when I wiped theres loads of thin white cm that sometimes goes a yellowy colour

    Do you think am due to ov? I have no idea what is going on and I was calm about it all but now since this morning am started to feel depressed with it all again.

    Hopefully docs will give me some answers/explanations on Thur.

    I havent done a CBD as I would have thought the lines would get stronger do you think I should do one on sunday morning will have to buy some first!!

    Updated symptoms I feel so sick, hot, have really achy back and am really hungry, fingers crossed its a very very shy bean!!

  • Forgot to say if am pregnant going by my last proper af I would be 9/10 weeks how is this possible it hasnt shown up on a test by now??

    I have read it does happen so am prob keeping a bit of pma about it all but its so confusing.

    Would it show up on a CBD as 3+ or is it too late to do one of them now.

    OMG confused again I cant believe it!!


  • Your symptoms all sound very positive hon, as do the faint lines you're still getting - especially as it was afternoon not fmu.

    Some women never get a positive on a urine pg test so you may be one of those who has to have it all confirmed via bloods etc - might be something to mention to your doc when you insist on bloods & a scan!!!!

    The only other thing I can think of which is REALLY naughty (so everybody look away now!!) is to phone your epu and say you've had a positive test (although faint) but are in loads of pain or something; judging from your dates you'd be far enough along to scan...everybody can look again now :lol:

    After all this I really really hope its a shy bean playing silly beggers - although if bean is playing up now it doesnt bode well for when s/he reaches terrible twos :lol:

    Good luck hon, fingers are tightly crossed for you *hugs*
  • Hi LW

    They never told me i dont even know what type they done qualitive or quantitive they just said it was normal when I rang up so god knows what they tested for. Am going to ask the doc.

    Funny you should ask not much maybe 1-2 times but it only takes the once right? he he!! We hadnt been bding because of the faint line scenario last time incase I was pg as didnt feel like doing anything but then we BD 1 or 2 times cant remember. But am not ovulating yet? I dont understand so can you get pregnant any time of the month or only when your ov?

  • Oh Garfield hun that made me chuckle.

    I rang EPU last week when I was off as was getting odd pains in my belly and they said I had to be referred by my doctor for a scan and so then I rang the doc I was quite tearful on the phone as its just not on leaving me since feb stuck in bloody limbo argh..........

    Anyway I know before that I had tested and had BFN's and then feb/mar the lines started appearing maybe Ive had 2 chem preg and just not realised.

    Anyhow why i rang the docs was I told her when I got my period I didnt have a proper full on af and that 2 weeks after the faint lines etc I was still getting af symptoms crampy belly, excessive wind, feeling hot, sick etc, the one thing I do have I have never had before is sore nipples, raised lumps on them and really sore boobs.

    Ive also had funny dreams and been dreaming about testing!!

  • I think a blood test is your way forward here and a quantative one at that! Good luck when you go to the docs.
  • Oh sweetie, sounds like you've been having a very confusing time, sending (((((hugs))))) xxx
  • Oh SD, I can't believe you're still stuck in limbo! I really think BOB is right, you should see your GP and push for a blood test. I really hope you get things sorted soon. xx
  • crikey! you have had such a hard few months!! i think you should really push for a scan as MPP did!! i think its the only way you can get any closure on the matter and will know what is happening!
    i really feel for you hun

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