cbfm query

Hi Girls,
Please could you help me with a query.
I am really not sure what date to enter as cd1. Last month I entered cd1 as the day after I spotted some red blood but my period didn't fully come on until 3 days later i.e. what the monitor thinks is cd3. My period had more or less stopped by cd6. The monitor said I peaked on cd16 &17. I spotted some red blood oncd30 and more today cd31. I think my period will properly start tomorrow. So, should I be consistent and tell the monitor as I did last month that tomorrow morning is cd2 or should I enter tomorrow as CD1? I am also really not sure what cycle length that makes me 28 or 31?
Please help
Thank you


  • hello
    you need to set CD1 as first day of full flow, if that is at night you can set your monitor int he morning to day1, if full flow is during the day you need to set day1 as the next day x
  • Thank you Piggypops. I must have set it too early last month but I guess if it tells you peaks/highs it doesn't really matter.
  • No, as long as you get your peak it doesn't matter too much, it just might use more sticks than you need, that's all.

    I'd say your cycle was 31 days and like Piggypops says, set your CBFM as CD1 on the first day of full flow rather than spotting xx
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