...Confused!!..... some one help!! :-/

hi all... just a quick post..

AF is now 8 days late! i found out that i OV very late in mycycle, about a week or so before AF arrives! so there is no point in testing yet as i just wouldnt show! so like i said AF is now 8 days late! yesterday i when i wiped i notice some Brown CM not a lot so i just ignored it, thought that maybe she is on her way?? then NOTHING! now today when i wipe only now and then i notice some brown CM but very watery........still not that much but i can see it when i wipe! still no normal signs of AF tho! im thinking if i was PG could it be; implantation bleeding or its just old stuff coming out???

so frustrating not being able to test as theres no chance of it showing a BFP, spoke to my friend who is a midwife she basically said i will just have to wait and see, which i spose is all i can do!

what do you all think tho?? any advise or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

***baby dust to all***

xxxxxx :\?


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