There is a baby in there!!!! - BFP!!!!!!!

image I've done it all wrong, not used fmu, tested 2 days early, but.....there is definitely a line!!! It's faint but really there! image I'm sat on my own not knowing whether to laugh or cry as I'm so happy but very cautiously happy! image

Update: 13/11/2009

Well I did more cheap tests and they were still coming up with faint positives, so I was starting to get a bit worried! So I have just done a 1st response and the line appeared staright away! and my clearblue digital says 'pregnant' 2-3!!! yeah!!!! image I've just got to work out my edd! xx

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  • woop woop hun xx
  • woop woop hun xx
  • Ahhhhh PinkNic, what did i tell u!!! Had a feeling, congrats hunny!!! xx
  • Thanks ladies xx Oh, i really hope the test isn't playing tricks on me!?!! It didn't apear straight away, but about 3 mins laters? still good sign?? xx
  • I have to ask are you pinknic on YAYW with a certain MS dress??? x
  • That's me! Are you a fellow victoriana wearer whose name I don't recognise?? xx
  • Yes, Yes its me MrsBartlett2b but with out the 2be now.

    There are a few vic bride babys due at the moment

    Ohh I am sure you have your BFP. Are you going to test again xx
  • Oh how lovely to talk to you again! How was the wedding?? I had an amazing day, the dress did me proud! I saw the re-named Miss Clarry on here earlier but not had chance to speak to her yet! How lovely that we have moved onto here! xxx
  • The wedding was fantastic thank you. She did me proud too. I feel a little guilty I am going to be doing a trash the dress shoot soon.

    What has Miss C renamed herself too?? I will have to keep an eye out for her.

    Hopefully we will get our BFP's with you and we can go through this whole experience together too xx
  • hi had to g/c from due in june and say congratulations on your test and fingers crossed for a sticky bean for you!
    I am also an ex YAYW victoriana bride. married in July xxx
  • Yay Picnic!! (sorry but the name has stuck now!)
    Congratulations, thats fab news!
    Let's hope the rest of us Vic girls have the same good luck x

  • I feel a little guilty I am going to be doing a trash the dress shoot soon.

  • Ha Ha I think we need a thread for vic babys xx
  • good idea! we should def set up thast group! I tried to find how I could join your facebook group as I'd love to see all your photos, but couldn't find the info on yayw, is it still going? can I join? xx
  • Hi girls!!!

    I'm a vic bride too!! But you'll have to figure out who i am - ha ha!! Without using my real name obviously please!!!!!!! image

    Broody xx
  • oh no! I can't remember everyone's names!!! what date did you wear victoriana broody? might give me a clue!! xx
  • Arghhh i think that might make it too easy for you!!
    I was one of the first.........

    Ha ha, sorry but i'm bored so this game is amusing me image xx
  • Actually, that was pretty mean of me! I was March.

  • Congrats!!!!!!! (p.s im mattaz from yayw!!)
    aka Caza82
  • I know, I know!!!!!!
    He he congratulations 'Broody'! x
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