more shhussshes....update more loudly ...

I tested today, I'm not sure when I'm due but I think it is round about 3rd or 4th, but I've been feeling pregnant (signs a bit like the last time)...and I got impatient...and it was a faint but definete BFP...

We're not telling anyone until Wednesday, because tomorrow is my dd's 1st birthday and we want it to be all about her.

Will check again on Wednesday to see if line is more solid, but in the meantime... a very very quiet



:\( Did another test this morning, was expecting to see a stronger line, but I think that although there was still a very faint line, it might actually have been weaker than on Monday. Not sure if I'm going to stay pregnant :\(

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:\) Okay, third time I tested today. It was so hard to wait till today!! But there is still a BFP and today the line, whilst still not as bright and bold as the first, is definetly stronger than it was the first two I think I can safely say I'm pregnant!!!!!! image Sprinkling baby dust in all directions. xxx

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