feeling bleurgh - update, BFN, so I'm just ill :(

Hey Guys

Now, first things first, I don't want anyone getting my hopes up, or saying 'oooh, maybe' without good reason.

I'm feeling rough today, but can't work out why. I feel sicky, nauseous and have done all weekend, as well as up and down mood-wise. But I'm on CD8, I started bleeding at just 8DPO and have just finished yesterday.

There is a teensy voice in the back of my head which says 'maybe you're preg' but then the voice of reason says that my temp went down just before AF and has stayed down, so it must have been AF and not any kind of long heavy implantation! lol....

Also, much as I would love to be preg, I've been naughty with glasses of wine and blue cheese this weekend, so wouldn't be the best..,..

Hmmm - thoughts? (remember, I want realism!!)


PS: no tests at home so can't test!

Hey all - so I'm still feeling rubbish, but pretty non-specific, tired achey, bit of a sore throat, nausea, bloated etc etc. Finally caved and tested today, even though I think I knew deep down it would be a BFN, I knew I wouldn't believe it til I saw it 100%. And yes, BFN. I'm not so disappointed, more annoyed cos I feel ill. Got a 6.30am flight tomorrow which means an ungodly 4.30am start, so off to bed! xxx

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  • Hey sweetie, was the blood red, pink or brown? x
  • red red red!
  • I've read that implantation bleeds are normally pink or brown, but its not an exact science. It could be AF showing her face early.

    Sending babydust your way sweetie and keeping fingers crossed!
  • Hi *fergy* I didnt want to R&R but I do think that AF has come early - sorry hun, I wish I could say "maybe" but I don't want to give you false hope......everything crossed for this month!! xx
  • Hi hun, sorry to hear that - glad i didnt get your hopes up then...get to bed and sleep off whatever you have...hopefully you feel better at 4.30am!!! Take care hun xx
  • Hey sweety, i haven't been logged on for a few days so only just saw this, i'm sorry huni, i know how frustrating it is, ive just finished my af and i had your hope too when i was quesy but i also got a BFN! Huge hug to you! xxxx
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