is it wrong....

that i want the pain in my boobies to continue :lol: they have been sore for a good few days now wouldnt say they have gotten more sore but enough to notice when doing every day things

i remember when being pregnant before my (.) (.) were in so much pain and i really want it to continue sadistic maybe lol but what i would give to have those sore puppies again :lol: :lol:

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  • Hahahaha sadistic. I don't think it's wrong, go sore boobies! Fingers crossed for a BFP! image
  • haha i no i cant stop touching them either going to be getting weird looks soon that or my hubby will offer to take over lol....yes prob more the 2nd one :lol:

    ive only just ov'd if that so im not sure what to think really but hey ho keeping up the PMA is a must image
  • Yay for sore (.)(.) (normal people would hate it, but we LOVe it :lol: :lol: )

  • :lol:
    A sure sign!! Fingers crossed! xx
  • hahaha I was the same with my DS. The bloody wind would have hurt them. It is strange the things we wish for isnt it ;\)

    Good luck xx
  • mine have been hurting for over a week now but i had that symptom last cycle and af showed but im sure its lasted longer this cycle ive got my fingers crossed for us all xxx
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