FAO Sparkling Diamond!!


LMAO at your OH making you smile!! You are going for it with the BD'ing this month! Though it's too early for BD'ing really so its just HOT SEX image image

When have you decided to count your CD1 from after all the problems with AF this month? xx


  • Hi hun,

    I counted CD1 from Boxing Day 26th as thats when I had the biggest bleed hope I have done that right.

    I have no idea when am due to SMEP is it tomorrow and thought you had to bd every day but now read every other day and I have promised hubby sex every day lmao lol but he wont be getting it he he.

    I have also told him to abstain from ***** as he is wasting vital sperm lmao!!!

    Am off to my parents to gatecrash their NYD Dinner as my dad mentioned 3 courses I flung my coat on and shouted to hubby am going for my dinner!!

    We are too hung over to make our own and dh doesnt want a proper dinner and I do!!!

  • I would love a proper dinner but OH is at work til 5 and I already can't be bothered to do anything and my mum said last night that she isn't bothering either :cry:

    We have said we will have a night out tomorrow night to make up for not seeing each other image

    My OH never ***** - not once in the time that we have been together - I tell him he is weird for not doing it :lol:

    Think we will be doing SMEP if AF arrives in week or so as expected. I want my BFP before Feb as we have said if nothing by then we will be visiting the Dr and I really don't want to!!

    Enjoy your dinner hun image x
  • Ok hun speak later I will be back with a full belly ha ha xx
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