hiya girls...bit of advice....plz x

hi girls....

Just wanted some advice really, im CD12 and not due 2 ovulate till 21st which will be CD16 but yesterday and 2day ive had a dragging pain in my right side??? could i be ovulating early do u think?

thanks x


  • Ovulation times can vary by quite a bit each month for some women so I would watch for symptoms very closely. Personally I get bad ov pains but also quite noticeable EWCM. Have you had any EWCM?

  • hi...

    thanks 4 reply, i had same pains last month and thought it was just the pill now im thinking i missed out last mth cos i ignored it DOH! lol
    i hve had creamy CM last 2 days, more 2day than yesterday...

    xx hols xx

    with my last 2 i just got on with it and fell when i fell lol
  • I get ovulation pains for quite a few days before i actually ovuclate. Only know this because i used an opk for a couple of months so i could get used to the symptoms of ovulation.

    I haven't been using opks since ttc as i want it to be more natural. I guess this is why they recommend having sex every other day for the whole ovulation week - just in case you ov on a different day.
  • well i guess ill attack the OH when he gets in later lol
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