Would you drink on the 2WW?

Hi again,

Sorry for all the questions but Im going out for a meal tonight with some friends and my husband. I really fancy a glass or two of red wine with my meal. Do you think if I am pregnant it will do any harm? Should I definately just have one and make it last if I do. Im so confused about this, but I dont want to put my life on hold 'just in case'. What did everyone else do?

Im worried about the couple asking my why im not drinking if I dont . Im not sure what to say and dont want them to know were TTC.

Any advice appreciated.




  • I personally think that a glass or two wont hurt over dinner, I have cut drinking right down while ttc just having wine when we go out for meals or to be socialable, most people dont know there pg still carry on as normal. So i would have maybe one or two! xxx
  • I'd have a drink,you don't know either way yet,and they say a glass or 2 of red won't hurt!
    Enjoy your meal!x
  • Personally I wouldn't. But if you are just starting your 2ww, one or two shouldn't hurt. It's after implantation that I think it matters the most.

    Plus women drink not knowing they are pg all the time. xx
  • i dont dring anyway but last night my hubby threw me a surprise party for my impending birthday on monday and i had 2 wkd`s....i was due af on thursday and im late....i think il be ok but if i get my BFP when i test on monday i wont even have a drop....i think ul be fine to have a glass of wine. xx
  • Thanks ladies you have reasurred me! Its just all this no drinking while pregnant is being drummed into everyine at the moment and it does make you think! (maybe over think really!) I suppose it more for the ladies who go and binge drink over a weekend more than having a glass of wine with a meal. Well I hope so anyway.

  • Thanks for the advice ladies!


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  • Think I'll just stick to the one and make it last though! I'll order a big jug of water to drink too, so the wine will last longer. lol

    Like you Melissa once I get that BFP I wont touch a drop either, its just not worth the risk really.

  • thats so true hunni, enjoy your evenin chick. xxx
  • Yea me too not a drop! i only have a couple when out with friends so it doesnt look weird and then get bombared with questions!!
  • Yea me too not a drop! i only have a couple when out with friends so it doesnt look weird and then get bombared with questions!!
  • Well the week before I found out I was pg with my lo I went out on a works do and got completely hammered. I wasn't ttc obviously, but when I found out I was pg I thought about it and was so gutted! I was on tenterhooks until my 12 week scan, but thankfully no harm was done. The effects of foetal alcohol syndrome are horrendous...
  • so iv heard, read an article once in a mag and it was horrific!
  • hiya, well i dont drink at all anyway, but just have a glass or maybe have spritzer ? cant see it doing any harm although having said that i wont even take nurofen anymore even when my head is caving in xxx have a nice night though !
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