How long have u been ttc??

this is my first month but im just wondering how long people have been ttc? and also how u have kept urself sane? i am going nuts i think its the not knowing whats around the corner and also im feeling really anxious about the let downs i might get! i concieved my daughter really quickly but have also heard that your second child is harder? thanks xxxx


  • 6 months, feels longer because i've only had 3 cycles. I haven't kept sane if i'm not think about babies i'm thinking about diets to help get a baby. The girls on here have been fab, took me a while to get the confidence to post here, but everyone is lovely and helpful.
  • thats like me im totally baby orientated! there isnt 5 mins that passes without me thinking about it!
  • I'm 24 months in now ttc my 2nd child (i have a 10yr old son already). I started in Jan 2008, fell pg 14 months later in Mar 2009, but lost my little boy at 27 weeks in Sep. Also had a chem preg in Dec 09 so still trying!! It's hard work and for my first year I didn't really get too stressed about it all and we were just taking it as it comes, the 1st month i used an OPK i fell pg. Now i'm obsessed, but i think it's because i got so close and had it snatched away!! Good luck, I hope you're not waiting too long xx
  • hun im so sorry about your little boy image i couldnt imagine how that would feel! u will get there in the end and the wait will be made worth while!
  • It's such a minefield. I wish there was a rule book that told you exactly how long you had to wait. My husband and I have discussed this for some time but took the plunge this AM and had my coil removed. I suppose it's just a waiting game now!! I'm feeling a combination of excitement and nerves....mad!!

    Anyway - good luck! JxXx
  • Jacqui.W - i feel exactly the same im excited because we are trying but also nervous that it will take ages! x
  • were moving onto month 21 ttc no2

    like Dotty Jackie tho i dont stress too much about it now even tho ive not even had 1 line on anything,taking it as it comes this year
  • hi we are in to our 8 month beginning to wounder if it will ever happen tryed 10 years trying not to get pregnant now look at
  • This is our second month-but will be the frist month of properly trying as we didnt use OPKs and he was a bit poorly so nought much got done!!!hehehe

  • on my scond month!! i am half excited about having another baby but there is another side that would be happy with our family as it is. i think thats how i am looking at it, prepare for not having one and just see how it goes. if we dont, then i can work more, and we can buy a house instead.. xx
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