im back!!

well im back from what seems like forever! iv been a little stressed with things and then AF decided to show up so thought id take a break from here, but im back and wanting to know how everyone is?!
im due to OV this weekend and im jut praying that we do it this month!

hope everyone is ok

letty xx:\)


  • Hiya! We're taking a bit of a break too, which has made me a lot less stressed. The fact that I'm now on cd29 of a 25 day cycle is just confusing me! lol! I've had sore boobs for a week and cramps and don't know what is going on. got one cheap ebay test in the house and nothing else - might do it tomorrow if AF doesn't arrive.....

    Good luck to you for this month image
  • I know i have been trying to stay away from here ! as much as its helpful and good i find it makes me more obsessive . . . .. . . .. not got much hope at the moment so trying to put it out of my mind.

    good luck girls !
  • hi honey

    welcome back
    good luck for this mth!!!
  • hey, welcome back! xx
  • Hey letty,
    Welcome back, if you're ov this wk end then get to it!!! Bding all the way. Good luck.
  • thanks girls, although iv got a really bad UTI at the mo, we BD, giving it a miss today and hopefully gonna BD 2mz if im not in too much pain!

    does anyone know whether UTI's can stop me concieving this month?

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