Is this my first af since mc??? Please help!

I'm so confused!

It has been 32 days since my mc, 18 days with no bleeding at all. I know I have not ov'd in that time althoug have had somevery misleading ewcm 3 times!! (gynae said this is normal after mc)

Yesterday I had a tiny bit of blood. Barely any and only really (tmi) if I checked inside. There was a tiny bit of fresh red blood and then the rest was brown and thick old blood. It cleared up within about an hour so I thought it couldn't be af and might still be remnants of mc coming out.

TMI warning...
This morning I went to loo and quite a lot of bright red blood came out. Enough that I felt it flow out and then a lot was on the tissue. Put pad on, very little has flowed out onto it but twice when I have been to loo today some fresh blood has flowed out (this also happened with mc, bleeding only really happened when I went to loo - v odd) Since this afternoon it seems to have gone more back to brown again and isn't much. Also, I have NO pain which is totally unlike me - usually I am in agony for first day or two.

Is this my first af since mc????? I really really hope so. Have booked my cd 4 blood tests for Monday anyway in case as didn't want to miss out. I don't think it is so little that it could be left over from mc really.

I know af's after mc can be totally different to normal but has anyone else had a really light af after mc??



  • hi - i was so excited to see your email, will reply in a bit. don't worry just yet - you might start bleeding more in the next 24 hours. my day one is usually a bit like your experience (after a couple of days of spotting), then it really hits me day 2 and 3. this was particularly the case with my AF the other week after mc.
    i really really hope it is AF for you hun.

    i know my AF was very heavy, but my leaflet did say that first AF could be lighter/heavier/shorter/longer after mc... so i guess anything really!

    my fingers are crossed for you image

  • Thanks Mrs_e.

    You know how much my body has messed me around so much recently giving me false hope so many times.
    I just want to KNOW! I have had my share disappointment.

    Never thought I would be so desperate for AF. Usually I hate her!
  • My first AF was pretty horrid too so sounds like you're there hun. It (sorry TMI but has to be said) seemed to be getting rid of extra stuff from last time (the brown gunky stuff) and a lot more fresh red than I ever used to get. It is probably the only AF I ever wanted as I wanted to get it out of the way before ttc again. My next took 8 weeks to show and so far its been another 6 weeks and I'm hoping she's not gonna come back!
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