V. Light AF

Literally a 2 day AF, and I've used a grand total of 2 mini tampons. Worth POAS? Am now on month 5 since coming off the pill and cycles have been pretty regular, apart from the last one which was a random 2 weeks apart. Very :\? and also somewhat nervous about POAS for some reason! :lol:


  • I think you should poas just to be sure. xx
  • ooohhh Gemsy we are in the same predicament... we should hold (virtual / cyber) hands and POAS and see?????
  • Good idea MrsJules! Hubby did ask me yesterday if I wanted to test, but didn't know if there was any point in getting hopes up....
  • Go for it girls!
  • Right what time Gemsy... ???
    I won't get home from work until around 7:30pm - but it will be the first thing I do !!!
  • :lol: well I think I will be home much later than that....and I have to buy a test! So I think you may well beat me to it!
  • ohhh well I will try and hold on... will let you know the outcome and fingers crossed for your BFP too xxx
  • any news yet Gemsy... mine was a BFN so I am hoping your's will be a bloomin great big fat positive...

    fingers crossed for you hun

  • Oh no MrsJules image was hoping to log on and find some exciting news from you.

    .....my testing isn't going to plan!!! Trying to find somewhere that is selling tests at this time.....(we are out in the sticks!) am beginning to think it is not going to happen tonight!

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  • oh no Gemsy... I have some spare... shame I can't magically transport them to you tonight - AARGGGHHHH the suspense is killing me : - )
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