anyone else on a few days wait?

its killin me !!! im due to test in sunday!!! any one else???


  • Hi marie08, my af is due on mon, i tested today and got a bfn so i dont hold out much hope. I wont test again till tues if the witch doesnt find me before that! Good luck for sunday. xx
  • Me too - I'm 6DPO, but only on a 12-day luteal phase so technically I can test from Sunday which is 8DPO - 4days before AF due.
    Really nervous. I want to test but then don't want to see a negative!!!
  • I'm going mad too!!! Not meant to test till Thursday next week but have 10 preg tests on their way and will be peeing on them before the wk end is out!

    Good luck girls!!
  • Good luck to you!

    Im waiting ov just now.
  • my af is due on thursday, but am testing monday....damn those cheap ebay sticks!!!! xxx
  • I am on my first 'proper' cycle and am on cycle day 20 now - so could test in next couple of days if no AF just in case!!
  • i took one yesturday but BFN!! but still no af so will try again tues if she hasnt arrived!!! keep me informed girls!!
  • AF not due until next Sunday, however did a test today and got BFN - that'll teach me for testing too early!

  • hi af due tomorrow/tuesday i think, my last cycle was 50+days but that was the first one since my mc so hoping my cycle has returned to normal now (been taking agnus castus to help it along). I've done about 4 tests now and all bfn so going to test again on tuesday, if i can wait that long!!
  • Good luck girlinleeds, especially as I'm in Leeds too!!!
  • hjanea and girlinleeds, I'm in Cleckheaton so here's hoping this week brings BFP's for all the West Yorkshire girls!

  • Hey girls, I tested yesterday and today 8DPO and 9DPO and BFN. I know it could still be too early but I think I only have a 12-day luteal phase so am sure if I was it'd show by now!
    I have no PMA at all and now just waiting for AF to show!


    good luck to everyone else!

  • Ohh mrs Joo, you still could be, dont give up hope just yet. My af was due today but nothing yet, i tested this am on a cheap ?? test but it was bfn so im just waiting for the witch to arrive. Ive been feeling sicky but i think its because ive been having headaches lately, if i was pregnant it would have shown up by now, into mth 4 for me! xx
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