FR One Step Pregnancy Tests. MLU?


Well I thought i was out of the running. I tested the other day and swear I could see a v v v v faint line, but i could just be imagining it and it could be just the dent of the line where it would show. Did another yesterday morning and its the same again basically another v v v v faint line, again could be the dent.

Tried looking at the box and its pretty crap really coz I couldnt find anything about the sensitivity at all, so Ive just looked online now and i am shocked! Its saying its 100mlu i mean bloody hell! No wonder I cant really see anything.
I wasnt actually supposed to buy these, i went shopping in asda and saw them and when i got home I realised they werent the 6 day early tests, i thought i would keep them anyway. So i could say im not out yet, Ive been quite convinced this month mostly coz i had the milky discharge coming out of my boobs (tmi) and ive only had that once before and that was when i started taking the pill almost 10 years ago and ive noticed im eating things i never normally would eat, Me and hubby went out yesterday as the weather was lush and we had some pub food and i ordered the biggest burger i had ever seen and i managed to near enough eat it all, I never order burgers! I usually order food that is easy to eat and i always hate seeing alot of food on my plate usually makes me feel sick and puts me off eating and that seemed abit weird to me really. Also i have been in a complete bad mood all week! My hubby says my language is atrocious! imageops:

Last cycle was 24 days and today is CD24. Been watching the CM and it seems pretty likely that my AF is on its way, Started with creamy/yellow CM early in the week, then went to EWCM and now its kinda clear but still quite wet but feels like its going to be pretty non existant soon. I have been slightly cramping so it might be round the corner.

So I reckon maybe i didnt get a good result because im not technically late yet? I might have got a good result IF i had used a FR early test.
Am i right that FR One Step is 100mlu? That seems stupidly high, unless it is a really old one.



  • Hi hun

    Am CD25 today and have been getting faint lines again on FRER and Boots cheapies really hope the lines get stronger for the both of us.

    Cant help on the miu front as have never had those tests before hun

  • I hope so too SD.

    Im on CD25 now, I really felt like i was starting AF all day yesterday and it was just creamy CM and sometimes clear. Because i was out and about yesterday i had to walk around with tampons in my pocket, I kept getting so many false alarms.
    I havent got any more tests, was hoping id get those 2 free pg tests but i havent got them yet.
    Ive got the slight cramps and the slight backache, If it werent for the CM Id have my AF right now.
    Noticed ive still got the milky stuff coming out of both nipples again, Ill just wait and see!

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