Blood Clot

Is this normal?

My AF has made an appearance this morning - and im not surprised as have known for a couple of days we hadnt done it - spotting and just feeling like we hadnt. I actually had loads of symptoms until day 10dpo and then they faded and I had one dry, normal feeling, cramp free day before the spotting began and I knew it was game over for this month.

Anyway...It started at 7am this morning and by 10am I had filled a super size tampon (which normally last me 7/8 hours) and I had a huuuge thick blood clot. It was about 3 inches long, broke apart a bit like cotton wool does and I would say about 1/2 cm wide. It was pretty gross!

What could this be? In 12 years of having periods I have never had anything remotely like this - only small ones which are a little stretchier and tiny in comparison.


  • Just wanted to let you know that I used to get blood clots quite often when i had periods and from what I can gather it is normal. It is just some of the lining from the uterus coming away.
  • I too get quite big blood clots - last month I was actually very shocked at the size of some of them.

    I think its perfectly normal but if you're still worried, definitely go & see your Dr!

    Julie xxx
  • I just thought I'd crash to say I have always had these, not every month but prob 3 or 4 times a year as emmj says I dont think its anything to worry about, although I have never asked doc or anything.

    Joanna 33+1
  • I get these too, they are pretty icky!! x
  • I too have these in fact just had a huge one about 2 inch which freaked me out but it is normal honey unless they get really big and you bleed a lot then it's nothing to worry about

    K xx
  • I just asked my mum whose a midwife and she's says NORMAL! In fact to quote her: "Clotting is totally normal and nothing at all to worry about. Just don't get it on your pants or it'll be hell to get the stain out." A very down to earth woman, is my mother!

    I had them when I was younger (and def wasn't having sex at the time) but was always too embarrassed to ask anyone (god bless the internet for us these days). Bit gross but never really anything to note apart from them occurring every few months.
  • Thanks girls, and especially thank you Flush30 for asking your mum. Ive had small ones before but this one was huge! Kinda worried me a little bit! Why is it when we ttc we start to notice EVERYTHING, if i think back ill probably find ive had it before just never noticed and brushed it off as just a normal period stuff. Thanks again girlies. xx
  • Hi Winnie,
    I had a heavy bleed in Jan and I passed a large blood clot. Up until then I had a 31D cycle and I bleed for 5 days and I haven't been late for over a year and a half up to that point. Leading up to my AF in Jan 08 I had alot of PREG symptoms, 4 days before AF I spotted for about a day, I had cramping, back ache, bloating,soore boobs etc. What was strange was I was 9 days late and when AF eventually came it was really heavy, leaked through my towel onto my pants in 45 mins! and it was bright Red. Thought nothing of it and then day after I passed this clot, I felt it literally fall out of me. I never get clots, few friends have said they do get them but I never do. Basically to cut a long story short it turned out that I was actually pregnant and MC. I had another bleed a week after AF stopped and that turned to like a brown paste!!! it wasn't nice and since my AF in January my cycle has been up and down 37/35/34 and now 33days which isn't normal for me. I think it's something to bear in mind. Oh and also I have reflexology sessions monthly and my reflexologist picked up preg before I even knew.
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