does anyone feel like its taking forever ttc again???

im usually quite positive at the begining of my cycles but today ive been thinking its such a pain in the "but", ive been going round in "cycles" like FOREVER now and all i want is another baby before theres a huge gap between dd and his bro or sis :evil:...i mean elisa will be 4 next march and i never wanted a bigger gap than that! sorry girls, im just a bit down, wish i was still having my baby in october!! :\( im so glad ive got u lot who listens and kind of understand me cause im sure everyone else around me (close frieds and family) dont know how im feeling, they prob just think im going crazy! i just want to bd as much as poss with dh this month, then at least i wont think i havent given it my all! hugs xxx

amandaxx :\?


  • So sorry you're having such a crap day pae. I'm not in the same boat as you as I'm only on month 2, but there are some benefits to a bigger gap (My son is 5 going on 6):

    Your older one can read the little one bedtime stories
    You get to enjoy each phase as if it were brand new again
    When they're older the older one can babysit while you go out
    At least one of them will be sleeping through the night

    I'm sure your time will come soon enough, keep your head up girl.

  • OMG yes!! i'm so bored of waiting peeing on sticks, symtom spotting....the list goes on!!
    Enough is enought let it be our turn already!!!
    I had no idea at the start that it would take longer than 1 night of unprotected sex! i also didn't realise how painful it can be dealing with a mc and how u continuously think oooh i'd be this far along now or this should be happening.

    Big hugs honey we're all here for u. xxxx
  • I feel the same this month. I am on my 2ww but i still dont even know if i ovulated this month as cm was not that noticable. So i am feeling really negative this month and thought i would be really excited to POAS soon, but instead i dont want to and see that BFN. Its a real downer area because the longer it takes the more i think its not meant to happen and that i am making mistake having a second child even though i really want to add to our family! Anyone think that what is meant to be will be and that they are pushing things too far?
  • Hi pae, yes I feel the same! My ds is 5 at the end of August and I would have been due in Oct as well. Ive had 2 AFs since mmc ( we think 2nd was chemical pregnancy though image ) and Im so fed up, Im trying to relax but as I get closer to Oct I know I want to be preg again by then. Im cd15 now and dont think Ive ovulated yet I just want it to hurry up!! Going on hols on Sun so at least that will take up a big chunk of the 2ww and maybe I can relax for the first time in a long time!
  • Hi pae, me too! Im on mth5 ttc our 6th child. Im starting to panick as time will be running out as im 41, i would like to be pregnant before the end of the year. Im also on cd15 Fran82 or at least i think i am as the first 2 days of af were just spotting but i still counted them as start of af!! Have a fab holiday. xxx
  • I am too. My lo will be 4 in january and I will be 40 in december and I really feel like I'm running out of time. It doesnt help today that my donor is VERY unlikely to be able to make this month!! If I dont ov until wednesday or after and if his IVF donation is put off until next week then we might stand a chance but I'm not getting my hopes up. Where has all our PMA gone??!!!!
  • There is quite a big age gap between me and 2 of my older siblings and just a 3 year gap with the other older sibling and I must say from experience that a bigger age gap does have some advantages especially as the younger one gets older As I've got older I've felt the gap feel less and less. When i was younger the oldest two gave me so much advice without pushing it in my face and were always there for me but I could also have a laugh with them.
    Best of luck with TTC x
  • thabks for all the replies babes, yes i agree with helen tho, we should get that pma flowing and make it contagious or we will make things worse! im going to get up in a much better mood 2morrow and think as +ve as i can all day, i promise! how about u girls??? come on lets do it!!! hugs xxx
  • I'm much more positive now than I was earlier.I'm trying to think that it'll happen when its meant to and I just have to do my best with the opportunities I have.
    Lets have a PMA tuesday!!!Good luck!!xx
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