Hey ladies,

Its my first cycle using a CBFM. My cycle usually lasts 28/29 days, ever since CD8 I've been getting highs, no peaks. I'm on CD22 and still a high.

Just wanted to know what your experiences were on using a CBFM for the first few times...thanks xx


  • Hi - I think the first and second month of using CBFM it is quite common not to get any peaks. It should get to know your cycle and give you peaks after that though.
  • Hi Hun,

    EmmaA is right in that sometimes it can take a few cycles for it to get used to you. Have you been using FMu everytime you test as this could affect it if you haven't?

    If you have only just surged a little it may not have recognised your ov day as a peak iyswim?

    Good luck

  • Hey thanks for your replies. I have lots of pma but will understand if it doesn't work for us this month as I know the cbfm has to work out my body. I have been using fmu so hopefully it will work properly next cycle.

    Thanks for your help and assistance ladies xx
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