Need your help ladies - Home pregnacy test results

Hello ladies we have been trying for a baby for a few months now and last night I did a test with a superdrug test. A thin faint pink line could be seen within minutes and I called for my partner to come and have a look incase my eyes were playing tricks! He said he could see it too! I re-tested again today (from a different box)because the line is thin and faint but definatly pink and got the same response in minutes.
Am I pregnant ? Should I try a different test?
:\?please help xxxx


  • I would say its sounds promising.... try a first response test or leave it a couple of days and test again!!

    Good luck
  • Sounds good. All the ladies on here will tell you that line is a line! Superdrug test were ment to be v good too. So Congratulations!! xxx
  • That definately sounds like a line so get yourself back to superdrug (or boots) as they have FR tests on b.o.g.o.f! Good luck xx
  • sounds good to me wiv my ds3 i had the faintest of line you had to move the test about to see it! Good luck! image x
  • thank you ladies. very excited will get fr test tonight and do it in the morning. fingers crossed x:\)
  • I would say your def preggers. Congratulations xxx
  • Yep you're pregnant hun! Congrats! I got my BFP with a superdrug at 9dpo, they are so much more sensitive than a FR so if you test using a FR and the line is fainter don't panic.

    Congrats again! See you in pregnancy image

    Jo xx
  • Congratulations!! x
  • Thankyou for your support everyonex you will be hearing from me again soon for lots of advice seeking xx
  • Congratulations!!! image x
  • Congratulations Crena! You've got your BFP! I got my BFP on a SD test at 12DPO and it was quite a faint line. I tested again the next day (I was a complete POAS-aholic!) and it was a little darker and then the next day I was brave enough to use a CBD and got my 'pregnant 1-2'.
    So do you know when you'll be due? Hope you have a happy, healthy and stress free 9 months! xx
  • Congrats!! Sounds like a bfp to me image xx
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