Coping with irregular cycles


Wonder if anyone can help me. I came off the pill in Feb and am starting TTC this month - that is once I finally get back to CD1! My cycles have been all over the place. Since Feb they have been 28 days, 15 days, 32 days, 18 days, 36 days and now 43 days and counting! (I have done a preg test just in case but it was a BFN)

Has anyone else got cycles like this? If so, when do you BD?! Has anyone been to their doctors about this? I did go a couple of months ago but my doc said he thought it would just sort itself out. Is there any supplement you can take to help regulate your cycle? Heard something about agnus castus?

Finally, any success stories? Has anyone managed to conceive with really irregular cycles?

Thank you!


  • i think i heard to take this until you get a positive ov test as you cannot take it after ov in case you are pregnant as its not good for little one! then you start taking it again when af starts again there is another but cant remember what it is the ladies on here will be able to help!! xxxxx
  • Hi hun,

    I had very irregular cycles and there were lots of posts on it before i got my BFP! Lots of ladies recommended a b6 vitamin complex, evening primrose oil, agnus castus and starflower oil so i brought the lot and ended up with a BFP before i could start using them.

    Like Ellie's mummy says though, not all of them are safe to take during pregnancy so only take them up until you OV.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks for the advice guys. Might need to try those but first I need to work out when I OV! Would you recommend temp taking or OPKs - or both? Is there somewhere you can order cheap OPKs? They seem quite expensive - especially if you have a long cycle and need to use lots!
  • Hi Koalagirl,
    I am just like you with irregular cycles and have just posted asking for advice on OPK's so I can attempt to gage when I ov this way,
    My AF was every 28 days until I had DS a year ago. I had some tests done and a scan and all was fine so I have no idea what's happening to my body. xx
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