Do ovulation sticks get darker the nearer ovulation gets?

As the question says really, do ovulation sticks get darker the nearer you get to ovulation?

This is my 2nd cycle off the pill after a reeeeeeeeally long first cycle so no idea on when i am due AF or ovulation! I have done some cheapy ovulation sticks for the past 3 days and todays, although still not as dark as the test line was darker than the previous 2. So i'm wondering if ovulation is approaching? I know you can have a certain amount of LH in your system throughout your cycle so guess this could just be another thing to mess with our already pre-occupied minds, lol!

Thanks in advance.



  • yes,when the line is as dark as the control line then i think you ov in the next 12 hours (but i cant remember) but if i was you if you havent already i would still BD,my second pregnancy i had a line for 3 days it was never as dark as the control line but it worked i got pregnant that month and with twins,good luck

  • me too never got as dark as control line & i fell pg so know i ov'd. LH surge if it happens during the night can be over & done with in 4 hours i think so quite possible OPK's can miss it especially if you only testing once a day. I'd say BD lots until your lines start to fade lol!!

    best of luck.

  • Thanks girls. We haven't BD since Saturday night so will get to it tonight just incase! Have heard so many different things about these ovulation sticks it's hard to know what to trust! Fingers crossed! x
  • Hi Nikkinoos,

    I've used opk's 1st time this month and had lines sat and sun but neither were as dark as control line. We bd'd anyway and i've had no line monday or today so am guessing that was my ov.

    Good luck to you hun xx
  • Just out of interest, how dark/light were all your lines on your ovulation sticks? x
  • Mine were quite dark - easily visible but blatantly not as dark as the control line... If that makes sense lol!

    I posted a question about it yesterday (probably page 2) and have had lots of helpful replies so it might be worth having a read of that hun.

    Where did you get you OPK's from x
  • I used the cheapies too and my second line always got darker as ov approached. After the +ive (for me, the +ive was obvious as the second line was darker than the control line, not just equal to it) it then faded away again over the next few days.

    I always had a second line, wherever in my cycle I tested, but it was usually faint until ov approached.

  • I had control line only CD10-12 then test & control line CD13&14 and only control line again CD15&16... will keep testing though.

    This OPK malarky seems to be a lot more confusing that I had imagined :roll:

  • Likewise! I got my OPK's from that diagnostics place off the net that has been mentioned on here a few times. Also got some off Amazon. Prices were quite similar though and they look the same. My test today was about half the strength of the control line if you get what i mean but was definately a line. Previously i have had to look closely to even see a faint line. Will have a look at your post Broodybeth and see if i can shed any light on things from there! So now! x
  • Mine were access diagnostics too!! Might invest in CB OPK's if no joy this month.

    Let me know if/when you get any darker lines please - strange request lol! x
  • Will carry on with the OPK's for a while longer and see what happens! My last/first cycle was 113 days so could be in for a long wait! Won't be able to afford all these OPK's if thats the case every time! Will keep you informed! x
  • Hi

    I'm new on here but thought I would post after lurking around reading everone elses posts as I tried opk's for the first time this month and found it all quite stressful wondering if I would ever ovulate!

    Mine did get darker and darker and I finally had two days of positive tests on cycle day 18 and 19. Then they got gradually lighter for 2 days and then practically nothing.

    The day before the positive one the second line was just a bit lighter and thinner than the second line and then ythe next day it was visibly darker and thicker. Unfortunately no babies for me this month but they were useful as I found out I ovulated a lot later than I thought.

    On to month 4 of trying for us now. I just hope I don't go bankrupt before I get pregnant as I think the opks are quite addictive and very expensive.

  • Hi, welcome. I too get quite stessed after looking at the OPK's wondering if i will ever ovulate, so frustrating! At least they showed you ovulated later than you thought so you will have more of an idea this month. x
  • Broodybeth, you wanted me to let you know how i got on with future POAS so here i am, lol! I came home from work today and tested about the same time as yesterday after going about the same time without going to the loo or drinking anything (although i have drunk an awful lot of water during the day prior to this!) and my ovulation stick came back darker than yesterdays. Quite a bit darker but not quite as dark as the control line but not too far off i would say. Going to get hubby's opinion when he gets in shortly as it hasn't got any darker since the 5-10min wait. Had what i thought was a couple of twinges tummy wise earlier so fingers crossed Ov is approaching! We BD last night so may have to seduce him over the next couple of nights too just incase! What CD are you on now? x
  • YAY!! Congratulations on your practically +'ve OPK lol!

    I am CD17 and if my OPK's were right I am 3/4 DPO... bit worried though as I'm still not getting anything on them :\(

    lol at you seducing your OH, I did that after my lines and didn't plan to tell him that I thought I'd ov'd then but my sister who is the only one who really knows we're TTC came over and was all excited asking if I'd had a positive yet so ended up telling OH, her and her OH all about it lol!

    Keep me updated on your lines over the next few days... I think I will be needing more for next cycle and might stop being tight and buy some more expensive ones. Sending you baby dust xx
  • Thanks broodybeth, babydust to you to. Sounds like it may well have been your ovulation if you have had nothing before and nothing since, fingers crossed. I guess if ovulation is imminent for me then i will have a cycle of around 40 days which is much of an improvement from the last one of 113! Will see what happens with my temps over the next few days as well. Keep me informed of any news your end! x
  • hi ladies, 1st time user of OPK. I did a test today the control line is so so faint and the test line is so dark. what does that mean? it is my 16th day of monthly cycle. according to the online calculator i am not ovaluating..really confused help me..

  • Hi NSP image 


    if the faint line isn't as dark as the control/test line then it means negative which means you are not ovulating BUT they do tend to get darker day by day! If you can do 2 tests a day then do it! 

    i came off pill in march had one cycle then got pregnant as one eve got a clear positive on ovulation test stick so dtd and got pregnant.. unfortunately had a miscarriage @ 6 weeks.


    But now using the tests again! they defo work just stick with it!! image let me know how goes image xx


  • Hi ladies im a 1st timer user of opk. I started a few days ago and I got a line yesterday and a darker one today. does it mean im about to ovualte right away? it is day 18 for me. 

  • Hi ladies well just wanted to get some advice please been ttc for 3 years now managed it 2x but had 2x mmc b4 12wks I already have one Daughter who was 9 on the 2nd sep image she was born via csection emergancy & prem 9 weeks, I am also HEP C + & I was advised to go for treatment but was told it wouldnt cause any major issues if I waited to have another I caught the disease from a blood transfusion in the early 80's but been managing it very well & feel ok, does any1 know if this can cause any issues whilst PRNT or if it hinders fertility? I know I am blessed with my Daughter but we want another so so bad as my Daughter is not DH biological child it would be nice to have 1 together, so now been trying again and its been almost 6 1/2 mths & nothing image now using OPK's and yesterday got no line at all but today I got a very distinct TL maybe a tiny bit paler than the CL but almost there also my OV dates are saying tomorrow I should start to OV. Does the OPK result mean I am defo going to OV tommorrow as the BbyCentre ovulation culculater says so as does one other I tried? DH & I have been DTD almost every couple of days now for about a week and this morning too, I will catch him possibly tomorrow morning lol but I am going to test again this afternoon & see if its the same or darker & hopefully we will have a good result image I get my OPK tests from the pound shop 5 for £1 image and they seem to be working they did do for my friend who caught on 1st month so lets see if its the same for me too, anyway good luck to all you ladies & baby dust to you xxx

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