What day should i class as CD1???

Hi Ladies,

Well AF is back with a vengeance yet again, having pains right where i expect my ovaries to be :cry: its never just simple is it???

I am not sure what to class as CD1 though. I was spotting on Friday afternoon then nothing Friday night, i put a pad on Friday night because i usually come on during the night and have ruined soooo many mattresses that way :lol: anywho, i woke up saturday morning and there was hardly anything there, when i wiped there was something but it was still pink. By dinnertime i didnt have a heavy flow but it was bright red then. When i woke up this morning i had a full flow and bright red blood.

Would you class yesterday as it or today to be on the safe side???

I am tracking OV through charting my BBT and using my OV microscope this month to see what happens so fingers crossed i OV this month as i dont think i did last month :\(

tink xx


  • hi hun, i think id be inclined to count today as cd1.xxxx
  • Hi Tink,
    I think I'd be inclined to count today as cd1 too.
    Good luck with your microscope x
  • Hahaha Tink you just cracked me up with your comment about the matresses!! :lol:

    I would count today as CD1, I usually have the spotting for a couple of days too but I always count from when it starts the usual heavy flow! I hate AF when not on pill, I keep threatening to go back on it cause im not getting anywhere fast with getting a bfp!!
  • :lol: thanks for the comments. sarah i feel the same atm but i really want that BFP :\(
    I thought it would be sunday i counted as CD1 but i wanted to check with the lovely BE ladies because someone once told me to count it from the day of red blood. Its all too bloody confusing lol.

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