bless him...

...talking to hubbie last night about starting ov tests in a few days and he says 'oh good, as they can tell you if you're pregnant too' - i then say 'but i cant get pregnant unless i have ov'd', he then replies 'really?!'

bless him! i asked him last month whether he wanted a run down on how it all works etc and he said no! he thought ov was just the peak time to bd, but thought there was a chance at any time in the cycle.

now he's all like...'wow thats amazing that you cant get pg at ANY other time'!!!!

thought i would just share image


  • My OH is as clued up as i am, I usually tell him about it when we're in bed and he has nowhere to run to get away from it, ha ha!! Oddly enough my 10 year old son is getting pretty clued up too, he'll be a star pupil in his sex ed classes as he gets older!!
  • haha, bless 'em hey?
    he's really gobsmacked that its going to be so tough to actually get pg now! thats why i said right at the start not to get our hopes up!

    dotty J - thats a good idea...i reckon i corner him in bed tonight!!
  • my h2b was the same until we watched the great sperm race, he's now quite depressed that we only have a small window of opportunity!! As the saying goes ignorance is bliss! x
  • haha, thats exactly what my hubs is like now! i said, its literally one opportunity and he was like, 'oh - thats going to be hard then'

  • aw bless, my OH is still not clued up which is bliss for him but not for me!!! as i keep getting so cross telling him its not all that easy you know.
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