New worry

I decided to start checking my cervix today and went to the bathroom to do so a couple of hours ago. Lo and behold I find a lump on my cervix, which has completely freaked me out. I called my doctors who asid it's non-urgent so will have to wait until I return from holiday, so I just have to wait. I know the likelihood is that it's a harmless cyst or something, but I have been told that because I got HPV a few years ago, I need to be kept a closer eye on for any signs of cervical cancer.
I really, really hope it's nothing.


  • Hi babe

    i have two lumps on mine. I did freak at first but checking on line there are so many women who have them. Mine are not painful and are small. Does yours hurt?

    I really would not worry about it thoughimage

  • Oh lulabellarama,
    Really hope it's something really simple to sort out, hope you have a fab holiday and try not to worry to much while you are away.
  • Not painful and quite small. I know that for 99% of women they will be harmless, but I don't want to be in the 1%.

  • I don't know what to say other than please try not to worry! I haven't got to the point of checking mine yet but I'm sure if the doctor didn't see it as urgent (and I assume has all your notes) then its probably harmless x
  • You will be fine honey i promise you it;s really bad but i have not even made an app. They were bigger during ov and now I can only feel one.

    k xxx
  • Thanks, I'll try to stay upbeat and deal with it when we get back.

  • Hi lulabellaram, I'm with the others here. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. We all have lumps and bumps every now and again and you are also about to ov so your cervix will feel different anyway.

    Try to relax and enjoy your holiday. If you're still concerned when you get back then make an appt at the docs.

  • Thank you, I'm feeling better already, just an initial panic I guess.
  • hi. ive only just noticed your post. glad your a bit more relaxed about it as the other girls said its probably nothing (not to say you still shouldnt get it checked out) but please dont let it ruin your holiday. when do you go?.xx
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