EWCM at CD13 but now nothing?


So am on CD15 now and a couple of days ago had EWCM am sure of it so made sure we bd, not had a + on an opk but only been using them 2 days and not 100% sure I am using them right...have had ov pains, sore boobs etc..been taking metformin since CD5 as have PCOS....last 2 cycles have been 42 days so wouldn't have ov'd till late but maybe my cycle will be shorter this month? Bit confused, is it possible to have EWCM and not ovulate? just worried if I have ov'd already we haven't bd enough? Wish this ttc was not so confusing!

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  • hiya, i have read (dont remember where lol) that ewcm comes a few days b4 ov. so i recko ur due to ov in the next couple of days? et bd'ing anyways just in case xxxxx
  • thanks mrs*me*, I will tell oh to get ready lol...even with a broken arm i am still at it lol..just a few ouch's
  • lol ouch! sounds painful! defo a good story to tell lo when he/she is old enough tho! haha x
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