I feel like somebody upstairs is really testing me!!! I now have thursh image and as I am due to OV in a week I rushed out to but a oral pill which I took asap only to then read the back (silly I know) and it says do not take if preg or trying for a baby!!!!

Will this really affect it????

K xxx

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  • Oh K-lou, i really don't know. I guess they put those things on the packaging to cover themselves but i'm not a doctor so i don't know. Hope not for your sake image Hope it all works out ok. Sxx
  • I am such a fool, though in saying that I am so sore even if I had not taken it I would not of been able to BD you know image

  • Thanks congrats by6 the way image

    I feel sick now I am hoping it wont stop us TTC or I have not messed it up you know. I might call the NHS xxxx
  • Sorry I have no idea but I am sure it will be ok.your right about bding with it, not great at all!!! & u wouldn't feel relaxed. U could always ask a pharmist over the weekend? Hope it all works out for u.x
  • Thank you - ok I called the help line on the box and they said the most it stays in your body is 7 days at the most and that they have no idea if it affects TTC or while being preg, but they have to put that on the box to cover themselves. So i do feel a bit better xxxxxxxx
  • Things have definitely been sent to test you k-lou. Keep positive, it will be all the better when you get your BFP. xx
  • Bad luck K-lou. You have had a lot to put up with this month!! Hope you gat better soon.
    take care
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