Implantation Questions!

Hi everyone

Roughly when did you start to get stomach cramps that you would deduce as being implantation cramps (i.e. 'cos you're pregnant so they must have been!!!)

Did you get any implantation bleeding and roughly what DPO was it?

I'm only 4DPO and have had some stomach cramps on and off. I've also got bad indigestion today which I never get, and sore boobs but then I have had sore boobs roughly from 2DPO onwards on my last two cycles.

I'm gonna be so gutted if we haven't done it this month. Still got days and days until we can test!


  • Hi,
    I was the same as Saint Bertie. No pains or bleeding which was why i was convinced that i would be onto the next month of ttc so as you can imagine i was shocked when i got a bfp.
    I noticed that my boobs got tender after i had my bfp.
    I am 7+2 at the mo and my boobs are very sore and the feeling sick but not being sick has kicked in.
    However everyone is different and i know some girls on here had very early symptoms and then went onto get their bfp
    Good Luck.x
  • i had a implantation bleed 7dpo and that lasted 5 days and i just put it down to my af been early then i had majour period pains about 7 days after this and thought i was getting af again so took a test and it was bfp but like the other post has said,every person is different,good luck

  • ooooooo I so want you to join me in Jan forum. Really hope you have done it this month.
    I didn't get any sign of implantation either. xx
  • i am 5dpo and have had spotting bleeding yesterday and today af not due till 18th could this be implantation bleeding? i didnt have this with my first baby, so im abit confused?

  • Hi Hayley, this certainly sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. Just because you didnt have it with your 1st doesnt mean you wont get it in other pregnancys. Fingers crossed for you hun it all sounds good. xx
  • Hi Hayley, could def be! Sending baby dust! xx
  • thank you ladies feel abit more happy now lol x
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