ewcm v cbfm

today is cd16 and still no high on cbfm i got for this cycle on ebay but started with ewcm today. Last cycle was 28days and opk said i ov at cd 22and 23 but last cycle was fifty days cos of coming off pill. What do i follow. I suppose if we bd no matter what it will happen eventually. Thanks for letting me voice my thoughts aloud x


  • Ewcm happens pre ovulation, some ppl get corpious amounts throught there cycle, some people like me get it hardley at all.

    Carry on bding, that's all you can do. Because even a cbfm can only tell you your bodys preparing for ov. Ppl on here have got bfp without any highs at all xxx
  • Thank you for the reassurance! Will keep bding until its my turn!
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