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chemical pregnancy advice

Hiya girls, hope all is well with you. Just crashing from baby as i need some advice! I had my baby almost 18 weeks ago now, and have been BF. Anyway last sunday (not the one just gone the one before) i suddenly started bleeding really really heavily. Lots of clots, quite painful although not agonising. I went to see my GP the very next day who examined me then sent me to the hospital for a blood test. I then had to have another a few days later.
I got a phonecall from them the day before yesterday and he told me that from my blood results he though i'd had a very early miscarriage, or a chemical pregnancy. :\( He said it was very common and that i wouldn't need a d&c or anti d or anything.
All i'm wondering is when i will stop bleeding? Its been almost 2 weeks now, which is unheard of for me as normal AF lasts 4-5 days and is usually quite light. I'm not as heavy as i was, but still heavier than i normally would be, and still suffering from cramps.
Is this all quite normal? I had a m'c at 6 weeks years ago, and the bleeding is very similar. Should i go back to my GP?
Its really starting to get me down now!


  • Hiya, Hope your ok, Don't really know what to suggest other than if you could maybe have a word with a health visitor maybe? I would go back to the Doc if it were me i think!
    Hope it stops soon for you!

  • i had a chem PG last month and it just comes out with ur period really. it shouldnt be as heavy as a proper MC. go to GP hun. xx
  • Sounds a lot like what happened to me two weeks ago. I suddenly started bleeding (not AF) - it lasted a couple of days. I didn't go to my GP, but think it was prob a chemical pregnancy.
    Lynz_81 - 2 weeks sounds like a long time to me. I think if O were you, I'd get it checked out at the GP.
  • My chem pg was followed by a normal length heavy af too. I think I'd go back to the drs too just to make sure nothing has been retained.
    Hope you are enjoying your lo!
  • Thanks girls, i think i'll give my GP a call today and just check its all ok. He said to expect it to be a little heavier but that it was nothing to worry about. He was pretty quick to just dismiss it really, and said it happens to lots of people and they never even know. Like that was going to make me feel so much better!
    Thanks again xxx
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