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what dpo does implantation occur?

thats it really! image

anyone any clues??



  • it usually occurs between 5 and 12DPO but can be either side of that, i think mine happened at 9DPO as i had a big temp dip and got my BFP 2 days after x
  • Sorry, Whats a BFP??! Still learning hehe xx
  • BFP = big fat positive

    this link might help with all the abbrievieations
  • hi piggypops xxx

    do you think as soon as youve had implantation a HPT should be able to pick up a positive result?x
  • all the research i did whilst TTC (don't know where i found the time!)suggested 48 hours post implantation for a good positive, i did do a test at 10 and 11DPO before my positive at 12DPO, although i swear i could see something hubby couldn't x
  • thats good to know ,thanks x
  • Hello

    implantation can happen around days 7-10 dpo.

    Mine was at 9 dpo, I know because I had a massive temperature dip and then it shot back up.

    Good luck

  • PS I didn't test until 14dpo ( I have the patience of a saint!!) and got a very strong clear line.

  • thanks girls that explains a lot for me i got an instant BFP about 7dpo when i had my ectopic BUT sure I would have got it earlier than normal as it would have implanted earlier than normal cause it only made it to my tube.

    what a waste of test today then at about 6dpo :roll:

  • 31 day cycle ovulated the 20th took a test on the 29th faint pos now 11 dpo started bleeding 10 dpo but bleeding is nothing like my period an period wasn't due till the 3rd HELP
  • My last period was on Jan 6th, and I ovulated on the 25th and next period isnt til Feb 3rd., I had sex without protection on the 20-23, and I started sleeping, and I have been for 6 days, it was a light pink, and than went to a light brown. I took a pregnancy test when I started bleeding and it said negative. I think im going to wait til starting day to take another test. But, when I sleep, i usually sleep on my stomach, and lately my stomach has felt weird when sleeping on it, and I can sleep in now, i never could before, and .. I have crying spells over things that arent even that sad.. :/  ..  could I be pregnant ?

  • I had a faint pos but now bleeding almost 24hrs
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