Dont know if this will help you 2 WW'ers

I thought I would put a list of my symptoms on here for you to look at. I got my BFP this morning.

1. tender sore boobs especially around the nipple and sides of my boobs. Noticed a couple of days ago that they had gone hard too.
2. Feeling queasy with nausea. Actually physically sick 2 days ago and have been since
3. Headaches nearly every day, especially when im tired
4. Loads of CM. Clear to white in colour
5. Quite overwhelming tiredness but sleeping really well at night. In bed by 9pm most nights
6. Off certain smells such as coffee and cigarette smoke
7. Been a bit more thirsty for the last couple of days
8. weeing more- about every hr or so for last couple of days
9. Bleeding gums when I brush my teeth. Checked with dentist and this is normal.
10. Stuffy nose with slight nose bleeds
11. Emotional over silly little things
12. Snappy and very irritable

dont know if this is any help to anyone


  • Ohh babymonkey your a star, thanks for that! Im sure i could convince myself that i was getting some of those symptoms but i wont. I will just have to be more patient. Still cant get over your fantastic news!! xx
  • i forgot to add
    13. Feeling hotter than usual
    14. Crampy pain like af was coming
    15. A pulling pain in my lower abdomen on the left
    16. Twinges in my lower back
    17. Being a bit clumsy and forgetfull
    18. Bit of a floaty head but only really had that for about 4 days
  • Gosh, more! lol. I think your getting everyones symptoms. lol. xx
  • But I knew with all these symptoms and no BFP something was amiss lol.
    That is ALL of them hee hee
  • ooo you got headaches yey that's my only symptom (on 2ww)!
  • my symptoms were:
    1. emotional over stupid things like someone taking my whiteboard pens without asking
    2. cm after ov instead of it drying up.

    and that was about it
  • oh babymonkey thank you sweetie! Trying not to get my hopes upbut my symptoms are nearly identical to yours except I haven't been getting headaches but hey hoo will have to wait & see! After my bfn yesterdaygoing to wait until Sunday. Congrats again to u!xxx
  • Your welcom star27. Im actually lay on my bed now as im completely shattered and got a headache.
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