Becoming obsessed wiv baby programmes

Hi all,

I am starting to annoy myself as I am becoming obsessed already with watching baby programmes! Any spare moment I have I am flicking thro the discovery channels etc (even @ breakfast!) I am SOOOO broody its ridiculous and its only really the 1st proper month of us ttc.

Plz tell me that im not crazy, I am becoming obsessed already! image


  • I watch a few too(though often to avoid cbeebies-lo is 3), think its only natural that you do become obsessed as you have made this life changing decision but then have to wait for what you are yearning for. Enjoy them, I picked up some things that helped me when lo was a baby, so you could tell yourself they are educative!.x
  • hehe, ty hjanea I am not going mad! Its really interesting and makes me feel like I am going to be a bit more prepared if it happens but then again I dont want to tempt fate!
  • Hi i keep watching them too,Makes me feel worse but i cant help myself , find myself searching for them.was watching home birth yesterday and that made be scared bout giving birth lol.
  • Mel_C love the pic of the dog in your profile pic.
  • I keep looking for baby, birth and pg videos on you tube, made a big mistake watching some labour ones as I had forgotten the pain but luckily it hasnt put me off having another one. I am so tempted to get all my dd baby stuff down from loft just to have a peek but i musnt! x
  • Thanks lilymc the pic is of our dog when she was a ikkle puppy! I always thought I wouldnt want ne drugs but from watchin them giv birth I will take whateva they wanna giv! :lol:
  • Mel_C is you dog a staff,i have one she's my baby lol.
    yeah i no wot u mean i will have wot eva they will me
  • Yeh lilymc she is a staff, such a ikkle cutie and we do treat her like she is a baby too! :\) so spoilt! I would like to see how she acts around me if I do get PG.
  • mine wud bein scared if she heard a baby keep crying,she is scared of moct loud, shes abit of a wimp
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