how mad is this!

I am 13 DPO with a BFN this morning and i have sat here moaning to you girls for the last three days that i have no cm what so ever and knew AF was coming. I just sat here and felt really wet down below so I thought omg AF is here already.

Just went to the loo and I have LOADS of cm??? It's creamy and it had big globs of yellow as well??? So nasty!!

I can't believe it lol CP is still very high so maybe it will be another week before i actually come on and wont come on this saturday like I thought I would.

K xxx


  • Same thing happened to me and it was like that up until AF turned up. It's also a pg sign tho, too. Frustrating that they're both so similar. If you still don't come on in a week, POAS!
  • oooh hopefully it was just too early to test and you still have your chance for a bfp this month. good luck hun xxxx
  • hiya K-lou. i have exactly the same as you!! i also have some cramping but am only 7dpo so feeling really depressed at the thought of af comingn when we really tried this month! at end of cycle what is the cm supposed to be like? xxxxxxxxx
  • Well i though that just before AF showed up you were meant to be dry? I mean I always am. At the start of my 2ww i had nothing and then I had creamy white cm and then the last like three or four days i have been dry with a little lotion looking cm?

    Now there is loads?? Very odd, I hate not knowing what is going on with my body I just wish it would settle down.

    k XX
  • Now i am confused. MAybe af not due for you either then and we are both pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!Or of course maybe af will come early. I am so angry. I just keep looking at my nipples like a mad woman because with my first with with 14dpo i have sore nipples and the 'dots' around the outside went blood red! xxxxxxx
  • I will keep my fnger's crossed for you I have a lot of cramps today so i am pretty sure I will be coming on, this must just be another thing from coming off the pill i think or maybe this ia a new change in my body that I will get every month?

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou - I just read somewhere on this site (and not the chat rooms) that when you come off the pill you have a surge of fertility for the first few months and then it drops off for up to a year! So maybe, just maybe, you have caught and you will get your BFP!! Just make sure you keep bding whatever and take advantage of your surge!!

    Good luck and fingers crosssed for you.

  • i guess just stay hopeful but its driving me mad just waiting for the foul witch to come. Keep us updated x
  • Oh really, my god if I don't soon then it might take ages??

    i really had hoped for a BFP this morning I have had a lot of things i never had last month and now i found out it's just my body playing tricks on me image I am feeling light headed this morning as well something new to add to me list!!

    K xx
  • I also feel lightheaded today and did last af, felt really faint as had a heavy af. Oh god - its not looking good and i am only on cd21. whay is this so difficult? It cant be that hard to get a sperm to meet an egg can it?
  • Just cos you got a BFN doesn't mean you are not pregnant. It's not over until the witch arrives! Didn't mean to scare you re the 'dropping off' of fertility. Just wanted to say take advantage of anything you can!! I guess what they are saying is that no-one gets surges of fertility but those who stop the pill so it's a positive rather than a negative.

    TBH, I think you need your BFP sooner rather than later cos you will send yourself mad symptom spotting!!!



  • ha ha ha not next month trust me i am going to take a whoel new approuch to it and see how i go. I have had every preg sign going and no baby yet so it's actually shown me it's a waste of time really LOL

    Thanks i might test again on saturday and see what happens though I have really bad cramps now so I am think she is looking for me.

    k XX
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