i did a pg test anyway...

....and it was a BFN image
oh well, its only our first try and my body is prob still getting used to not being on the pill, which prob accounts for my 'symptoms' which had got my hopes up (bad cramps - startinin my back last week and now this week they are in the fron, more like af cramps, dizzyness and travel sic k feeling for last two days, sore boobs etc.
ah well, just gotta try again i suppose! due af tomorrow (i think!) xxxxxxxxx


  • Hi hun,

    Dont be too disheartened and it aint over till af arrives. We are only on month 2 too but I felt exactly the same way last month so I can sympathise with you and know what you are going through.

    Big hugs xx
  • hi Livvy, sorry to hear of your BFN but as SD says it isnt over till AF shows....

    i came off the at the end of August and my symptoms have been all over the place- i dont think people how hard coming off the pill is let a lone TTC! so we all undertsand how u feel.

    big hugs and baby dust xxx
  • Hi hun (((hugs))) I think it's even more disappointing in your first month in some ways as you are so excited about trying etc.
    As the girls have said it's not over until AF arrives xx
  • Hi hun! Im the same, ive not long come off the pill! I was on dianate and as soon as i came off it i had all the symtoms of prgnancy but along comes my period! I'm due next week so im keeping my fingers crossed xx
  • Hey chic,

    again - it's not over til she shows so - good luck sweetie - hopefully the little bean is just late settling in.

  • thanks girls, just gunna have to hang in there. she's not shown today....yet and no real signs - apart from slight mood swing (OH would say big!)
    anyway, will keep you updated! xx
  • Good luck LivvyS, hope you get your bfp image
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