got my first + OPK today :D

woop wooop, i'm climbing aboard thr PMA train!! i didnt think it would come this quick after my nightmare cycles last time!


  • Woo Woo get to BDing you lol xxxx
  • woohoo1 what cd are u on? what happened with last months cycle? (sorry for being nosey lol) just started using opk, and on cd20 no + yet, so im just trying to clue myself up a bit xxxx
  • ps good luck bd'ing! xxxx
  • thanx ladies, this is my first month trying for no2, with my son my cycles where between 40 and 66 days long image

    i am now CD 19, the earliest i have ever OVed!!
  • omgosh 66 days! wow thats a long cycle! good luck bd'ing hope it does the trick x
  • and for you x
  • brill news, lets hope this means more regular and shorter cycles this time!! good look bding. xx
  • Have fun BD'ing hon! image I found my cycles were a lot shorter after having DD, went down from 50-60 days to 30-35, so much better when TTC!

    Hannah xx
  • hi piggypops, i remember you from last year when you were trying. i didnt post then, was a lurker! i have been trying for a year now and getting sa done in a few weeks. Had all my tests last year when i had to have a lap so know i am fine.
    Youre story gives me hope for us lttcers! Am hoping to catch this month. Good luck - maybe this time it will be quick for you!
    Ps i oved yest so we will be going through 2ww together! x
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